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Devonshires and "Tor Top"


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Hi all,


A query please about the Devonshire regiment action on or about the 30th October 1917. One of our local men (31166 Pte. Robert Christopher Butler, 1st Bn.) was killed on that date and I'm looking for a death location. The War Diaries mention their HQ as being in "Tor Top" on the 28th of October, and mentions their subsequent movement towards Polderhoek Chateau during which action I'm assuming he was killed.


I can see the Chateau on the Gheluvelt 7B trench map, but can't find any reference to "Tor Top".


Could anyone throw any light on this one?






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According to Rats Alley Tor Top is on map 28NW4 and NE3 square 12 4d Zillebeke.



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There's a few posts on forum about Tor Top and the confusion it caused during the war and up to the present day. It's a double hill with one summit at 60m and the other at 62m


The Germans called Tor Top - Doppelhöhe 60 whereas the British version was Tor Top AKA Hill 62.


Tor Top tunnel system is marked on this 28NW sheet at I.24.d



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