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Jubaland Campaign


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I am interested in finding when the Jubaland Campaign was fought. Investigations so far suggest 2 different campaigns but I am not sure of my information for either of them.

First, I have seen reference to a campaign on the Juba River, Nigeria in 1917-18. Second is mention of an operation in the Ogaden region of Somalia in 1900-01. My particular interest is in HMS Magicienne which was active in the 'Jubaland' Campaign. I know that HMS Magicienne was active during the reign if Edward VII and as this ship was sold in 1905 I assume it took part in the 1900/01 operation yet is not the Ogaden landlocked and is not the Ogaden in Eithiopia not Somalia?

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Yes that's what I am getting,


The first Jabaland 16 Nov 1900 to 30 April 1901


Service with Col T Ternan against the Oganden Somalis

Units include RN and Marines, with Indian Army 9th Bty Mountain (Murree). 18th Bombay Infantry, East African Rifles, Aden Camel Corps, Supply and Transports Corps, RN ships include HMS Magicienne HMS Scout and HMS Terpsicbore


2nd Jabaland 23 July 1917 to 24 March 1918


units include 5Bn & 1/6 Bn KAR and Indian Army 9th Bty Mountain (Murree), against the Northern Aulihan Tribe west of the Jaba River Lake Abeleni





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There is a report in Times in 1900 which mentions your ship



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Thanks to all who replied to me on this topic and for the Times article. My confusion arose as a result of certain websites stating that the operation took place on the River Juba in Nigeria.

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