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Civil war memorials, Eastern Ukraine


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A year in Eastern Ukraine, Luhansk Oblast, here are some memorials I found, hope you enjoy

IMG_5248 - Copy - Copy - Copy - Copy - Copy - Copy - Copy - Copy.JPG

IMG_5252 - Copy - Copy - Copy - Copy (2).JPG

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Some more58e415a3524e1_20141111_150908-.jpg.5024364cc5afea3f5e4df70099e06b05.jpg58e415e48408a_IMG_5256-Copy-Copy-Copy-Copy-Copy.JPG.6efc3db9911b0d731555ece7cc5789e4.JPG

More (if admin can spin the pictures around the right way)58e41670e7fc9_osce279.jpg.bc70445d5fd00387ba17cb56dee4df53.jpg58e4168e6f2cd_IMG_5254-Copy-Copy(2)-Copy-Copy.JPG.be869886b6b2fcea4ec1cb878589b806.JPG

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Mark V 9344 is one of the two on display at Lugunsk. The other is 9186. I think the one in the other photo may be the one on display at Kharkov. I believe all 3 of these tanks are composites.

9186 named Audacious served with the White Armed Forces in South Russia in their offensive and retreat from Moscow. Was in the fighting in the Crimea and captured by the Reds on 21 Nov 1920 in a badly damaged state at Sevastopol.

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If anyone has access or is proposing to visit any of these tanks, or the Mark V Female in Archangelsk, could they please PM me?





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In the above article the tanks were not sent to South Russia via Iran but from England or France by ship to the Black Sea and South Russia. The Mark V at Kharkov has the 6 pdr on the left side while the 2 Lugunsk tanks have them on the right side.

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MK V's were sent to North Russia (Archangel), Estonia and South Russia (Don and Crimea). They all ended up in Soviet hands eventually. The Mk V's sent to Estonia were put into action against the Whermacht in 1941, the last time Mk V's were used in action.


The first tanks to capture Stalingrad were British Tank Corps Mk V's albeit it was June 1919 and the city was still known by its old name "Tsaritsyn".


Plenty on the Tank Corps in Russia during the Civil War period in my upcoming book (575 pages), Churchill's Secret War with Lenin: British and Commonwealth Military Intervention in the Russian Civil War.


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