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Dear all,

In the research about a soldier who died in 1917, i found buried at Spoilbank in the old German trench between barbed wire.

Also is there: buried 300 yards N.W. of Eckhoff farm.

Can somebody specify the place on a trench map or on a recent street map ?



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Eikhof Farm is located in trench map grid O.3 (East of St. Eloi, west of White Chateau). Nowadays, along the road from St. Eloi to Hollebeke (I believe a monument to the Indian troops was placed in this area recently).


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There is a Spoilbank cemetery south of Ieper and east of the N365 and Lankhof.


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Spoil bank itself was the pile of material dug out of the

Canal during its construction. Alongside the canal opposite the German lines, the British dug their trenches into this heap of material. It was from Spoil Heap that the 47th Div Londoners attacked the White Chateau

It was also known as the Bluff.


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