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7th Scottish Rifles (aka Cameronians) - Gallipoli. Dear all, I am undertaking a detailed study of this territorial battalion which suffered heavy losses in its first assault on 28th June 1915 at Gully Ravine. Because so many died, little has been written about their contribution to this conflict, and the impact on the Glasgow community. I am particularly interested in any letters, diaries, family histories and other sources that might be out there to add to what little has been written in official sources. All information, or ideas on where material might be would be gratefully received. I have already been to the museum in Hamilton, and to the National Archives etc, but am very interested in unpublished sources that may exist within families.

13) Officers of 7th Battalion Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) - 1914.jpg

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Alastair  - have you checked CAB 45. It includes correspondence between Aspinall-Oglander (author of the Official History: Gallipoli and the surviving Officers from Gallipoli. It might have some snippets from the Scottish Rifles. I know that Weir definitely corresponded with Aspinall as there is a letter with some corrective notes on the draft of the OH included in the war diaries. As I am sure you are aware the war diary is fairly thin. 


Separately - in the remote chance you have not already done the research, I have transcribed the 1914-15 Star Officers' medal roll for this battalion and annotated it with casualties. It was done some time ago as part of a larger Gallipoli project but the data has not been rigorously cross-checked yet, however by my rough calculations at least 12 of those shown in the photo became fatal casualties. 


Not all shown in the photo made it to Gallipoli. There are another nine fourteen other named Officers of the 7th Bn who served at Gallipoli who are not shown on the photo (see below)


Officers highlighted in red are shown on the photo. I have the whole of the Scottish Rifles data in the same format including the 8th Bn data (also at Gallipoli) as well if of interest as well as their published history. 




 1/7th Bn Scottish Rifles 1914-1915 Star medal Roll (Officers).


7 Scot Rif.jpg

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Some data that might help put the experience of the 7th Bn Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) into perspective. The table shows the fatal casualties of the original Officers in all four Scottish Divisions. The 7th and 8th Bns Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) are highlighted in purple. 52nd Lowland Div. 



Scottish Officer Casualties.jpg

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