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Guest Rachel stott

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Guest Rachel stott

My grandfather Sidney Norman Allen was in both world wars, I've found his campaign medal info. I know he was 16 when he went to war, he was awarded a military medal and a DCM but I cannot find any records regarding this...?ive been searching on and off for years.. can anyone send me off in the right direction about the sort of battles he would have been involved in as a 16 yr old boy in ww1 (and how do I track down his Ww2 history as that seems to not exist...but he definitely served - any help would be appreciated...

thank you



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Age 16 was possible as a territorial enlistment (they could enlist from 14) but sending Boy soldiers overseas was usually avoided (unless their correct age was unknown).


WW2  records are still with the MOD - https://www.gov.uk/government/collections/requests-for-personal-data-and-service-records - and you do sometimes find WW1 records are included with them.


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Hello Rachel

If you have access to Findmypast (and there are 1 pound for 1 month offers available- see another thread) then you will see that the Royal Artillery Attestations have an entry for him. There is no mention of MM nor DCM. Could they have been post WW1?

His Service Record should still be held by the MoD at glasgow and a copy can be obtained- see another thread.

I will try to post those 2 'other thread' links shortly  now done and see Craig's link above


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