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2nd Oxford and Bucks LI photograph


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This is a photo I've had for several years and it shows Lt Reginald George Worthington who was killed in September 1914 at Cour de Soupir. I'm trying to identify the soldiers and need some assistance. Would anyone have access to the Regimental journal for the time that may have an article on the football competition and give the initials for the following privates that have multiple options in the medal rolls:







The should have regimental numbers pre-9000. These are the idents of the others from the medal rolls:


Arthur Beare 6109

Edward J Fliint 8178

A Hazel 7402

Robert W Tunbridge 8176

George H Southon 8373

Ernest Hearne 7371

Henry J Heavens 8182

Edward Guyett 8372

IMG_3044 (640x478).jpg

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If no-one comes up with a journal, a very long shot would be to try the 1911 Census. If they were with the Battalion in 1908/09 there is a strong possibility they were with the 2nd Bn in 1911. The Census rolls were usually recorded by Companies, so if you find a concentration of the known individuals in the same short run of pages it might help narrow down the options.The links are below if you have Ancestry. 




The risk of course is that they may have been posted to the 1st Bn which means checking the 1911 Census for the Military in India. Link is here, however it looks like one large roll A-Z which might not help.




I cant think of any other way of trying to narrow the choices down

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You may be able to trade the offer of a high quality scan of your picture for some normally-chargeable research assistance from the Soldiers of Oxfordshire team, some of whom are Pals here.


Soldiers of Oxfordshire Museum website here


The museum might well find your picture valuable for their collections and therefore desirable.


Just an idea!

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