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Help ww1 fuze found what do I do with it?

Worried mother

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So on the second day of my 12 year old using his new metal detector he comes into the lounge with what appears to be a ww1 bomb fuze!! Promptly screamed at him to take it back outside and put it at the end of the garden. Now what do we do with it? We live in France do I need to contact the local Mairie? He found it in the garden. Do I need to worry if the rest of the bomb is there somewhere too? 

Thanks in advance

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      Try local police municipale- Should be open(though maybe not too dynamic this week, if ever). A bit downmarket for Gendarmerie Nationale. Mairie in the morning,if open- bits of old ordnance turn up all over the place and the solution is usually just routine.

   And leave the thing alone!!

       Which part of France?  If out of main fighting areas, then could be a problem. If you bought a property in the Red Zone at Verdun-then a) Sort out as above, then B) Sue estate agent

    Seriously, Bonne Annee.  And just think how much more stuff he might find over the next year!!  Perhaps keeping a Great White Shark in a tank in the garden would, on balance, be a less hazardous hobby


PS- Note you are Pyrenees- may take a bit longer to get the army ordnance people out.  French army are very good at this sort of stuff and usually helpful and cheerful as well.

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Great thank you. Will contact Mairie in the morning. He's very helpful and also by a stroke of luck a WW1 enthusiast ? Hoping he will be able to contact the relevant authorities. May not sleep so well tonight tho knowing it's out there ? Think great white shark would have been a good idea ? Thanks

We will be the talk of the village - already had the air ambulance out for my other son - now the bomb squad!! What next? ? So embarrassing! 

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Never mind- as long as the President of the Republic doesnt single you out for particular mention in his New Year address, then I think you will get away with it. As an Englishman with an ex-wife who is French, then been there,done that (She is from the Aube,her family from around Sedan-so a lot more ordnance up that way- My father-in-law once reproached me and Madam's grandfather (a nice man-a genuine resistant,on the run from the Boche for over 2 years)-as he was tapping the head of a bullet back into a casing in his garage- Father-in-law (ex-marine officer in Algeria)pointed out that the little blue hole on side of the bullet meant it was explosive or tracer MG round (Hotchkiss)-and,thus,probably not wise to keep hitting it on the head with a hammer

    In general, most French seem to treat us English in a kindly way-as they would a none-too-bright handicapped relative or a particularly soppy mutt.

    Look on the bright side-its a good excuse not to do any gardening through next year!

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