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(Thanks to Popperfoto)



     Christmas cheer to all GWF members. Whatever the weather, the rail strikes, the crowds in the supermarkets,etc,etc. things have improved from this Christmas lunch on the Western Front


           Now I can understand why Macdonalds is so popular....Things could be (and were) worse


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It's a well known photo (and one I used, with permission, in my book "Bully Beef & Biscuits). I think the poignant aspect is the grave (assuming it's not a plant, for propaganda effect)

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    John- Although its a different war, - and just in case you move on to WW2- there is one memory of my late dear old Dad that comes to me this day of all days. His account of Christmas lunch in the Western Desert, Christmas Day,1941.  Dad had joined the army in July 1941 and was a signaller, doing forward artillery ranging. His mum and sister had been killed in one of the big German raids on Devonport in the Spring, his father was away as a recalled CPO, RN, on Atlantic convoys and his only brother transferred from the dockyard at Devonport to work on the Clyde.

    His sole Christmas present was a postal order for 3/6 from 2 maiden aunts. Christmas lunch was a slice of bread with blackcurrant jam. Dad used to say it was the best meal he ever had. Why?  Because it is virtually impossible to make fresh bread in the heat of the desert but the army cooks had managed it. And in an army that relied on apple and plum jams, they had managed to scrounge some blackcurrant from somewhere.




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