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Remembered Today:

Coincidence: Order of Malta, Croatia


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Just a whimsical observation at this relaxed time of year: I'm reading an anthology of excerpts from Great War novels and yesterday finished a chapter from The Croatian God Mars, by Miroslav Krleža. It relates to a  hospital run by the Order of Malta during the Great War, apparently in Croatia, at a time when opposing armies were coming and going.


I had a vague idea that the Order was an ancient chivalric one and resolved to Google it today. Lo and behold, in today's Daily Telegraph is a news item about the Order - "a chivalric order based in Rome that regards itself as an independent sovereign state ... the oldest and most illustrious in the Catholic world" - being in a "civil war" about the supply of condoms in Africa.


My prep school headmaster always claimed there was no such thing as coincidence.


Once I've finished the 532-page anthology, I'll post a review. Suffice to say at this stage that it eclectically features authors from many countries.



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