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Stoker look up please?


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Hi folks,  having had a Grandfather who served as an RN Stoker from 1908-1920 I was interested in the type of work involved, as I had believed it was simply shovelling tons of coal! However after reading the boards here it became apparent a little more was involved.

I subsequently turned up a 1912 'Stokers Manual' which appears to indicate there was a little more involved.

Inside the front cover of this manual is hand written ' Harry J Feast (or Feart) 2624 (poss service no.)

therefore I would be grateful if it was possible for some kind individual to find any info on Harry regarding his position?

Also if someone is aware if these manuals were issued to all Stokers as it seems to imply or just senior ratings?

I have hopefully attached a photo of name and description of manual for interest.

Thank you in anticipation.






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Is the period of service correct 1908-1920 

or a typo and should read 1918-1920


Regards Ray

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Horatio2 thanks for the link! Possibly the previous owner ok. Re the number I know that Stokers had the K but as my GF's was 4 digits I thought it was possibly his without the K. 


Ray, the years are for my GF (1908-1920 12yrs) not for the previous manuals owner, who may be the guy above. 


Was interested in painting a picture of the owner just, as the manual has some hand written notes etc inside, just a nice piece of history which does in my view support the consensus that Stokers just didn't shovel coal!


Thanks again guys, if your at a loose end and come up with anything else it'll be great, if not thanks for the interest and assistance.


Kind regards


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