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Deactivated Webley mk 6 Pistol 1917

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Can anyone help me with the following?

I have recently begun collecting specific items of Great War memorabilia.

To date I have a 1914 de-activated Enfield smle all mathing numbers.

A 1918 Enfield smle all matching numbers.

A 1907 pattern Wilkinson 1918 bayonet.

A 1916 Adrian French steel helmet, with veterans plate.

A British officers service cap. 

I try to collect iconic items, or of special interest to me things.

I have been trying to find a 1907 pattern, 1914 stamped bayonet and a deactivated Webley mark 6 1917 stamped pistol. 

The 1914 bayonet would be to complement the 1914 smle rifle. 

I had an uncle who was commissioned  to 2nd Lt. in 1917 and he would probably have had a Webley mk.6 pistol, hence my desire to find one in homage to him.

I have searched the web for the two items, without any luck.

Can anyone point me in the right direction as where to look?

I would be most gratefull for any help or advice.


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Hi Gregg,

Thanks for the info. Are these sites "trustworthy", I have no experience of what to look for, any tips?



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There is a good list of dealers on the Milweb site :http://www.milweb.co.uk/classifieds.php?type=16


D & B Militaria seem to be pretty good.  I've seen the items they have at the Northern Arms Fair and they usually have Webley Mk Vl's in stock  Their stock is good quality although not cheap, but what is these days?

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Thanks for that "593", will check out "milweb". Someone else mentioned D&B, so will try them also.

Thanks again,


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