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Panorama Sketch Hill 60


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I've recently obtained a Panorama Sketch entitled 'Panorama Sketch Taken from 04.B2095' hand written in ink is Surveyed from Hill 60 N.W. Europe Sheet 1 - Menin

I cant see any date on it but the landscape shows trees so it must have been early on.

Can anybody assist with the exact location of 04.B2095?

I tried to attach a photo but there is a very low size limit which at the moment I cant work out how to reduce the image quality

Many Thanks

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It's just N of the Ypres Canal and S of Hill 60.  The panorama seems to be looking SE towards HOLLEBEKE, but I can't make out the words on your image.  The spoil banks etc. in the foreground appear to have trench references beginning O.5, so that would be the next square to the east.


If you were to transcribe some of the annotations including their map references, we can be a lot more certain of the view.


The complete trench reference for the viewpoint is 28.O.4.b.20.95


The trench map ref for the tower of Hollebeke Church would be 28.O.11.b.87.63, typically shortened to O.11.b.8.6, or even O.11.b.


The cursor cross in top left corner (not the plus in the +/- zoom control) marks the trench reference ...

New Picture (1).jpg




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Can you identify the names on the 3 churches? Thanks.

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From the map reference of the viewpoint, the sightlines and the few clues in the panorama, I think they're BOUSBECQUE (28.Q.34.b.64.06), TENBRIELEN (28.P.17.c.14.53) and HOLLEBEKE (28.O.11.b.87.63) (working left to right), but the annotations are impossible to read :(


Also the sightlines work much better using Hill 60 as the origin rather than the trench reference given.  I rather doubt the two distant churches would even be visible from down close to the canal.  I guess the field sketcher would mark in the major landmarks from up on Hill 60 and then complete the closer detail from down by the trench reference close to the canal.

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Map refs added
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Yes, I think you're right. It looks as he is using "artistic licence" is gathering together information rather than producing a true representation and accurate landscape - therefore making sure all relevant detail is included.

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Thanks for your replies, 

Sorry about the picture its a pain to photo as its 50 " long

I was getting confused as if the view was from Hill 60 one of the churches (Wervicq Church) looked like it was really close but it couldn't be if that was the case

Ive put a few pics in here. When I have more time tomorrow I'll try taking photos from left to right




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I've plotted the landmarks annotated on Chris's flickr images as well as the apparent left and right margins, Hill 60, the reference for the Viewpoint given in the title and an approximate 132 compass bearing and put the whole lot onto a Google Map here:



These are the landmarks etc. ...


Left to right ...

28.0.6.A              - GERMAN FRONT LINE, OAF KEEP
-                          - GERMAN FRONT LINE
28.P.2.A.90.00    - HOUSE
-                          - FELLED TREES (?)
28.O.5.B             - ????E IN BRITISH LINES
-                          - TREES IN FAR BACKGROUND
28.P.17.C.05.5?  - TENBRIELEN CHURCH
28.O.5.B             - SPOIL BANK
28.Q.32.A.20.40 - WERVICQ CHURCH
-                          - TREES IN BACKGD.
28.W.22.B.50.00 - LINSELLES CHURCH
132 TB                - PROMINENT TREES ["TB" = "true bearing"?]
-                          - SPOIL BANK
28.V.5.A.35.90   - COMINES CHURCH
28.P.34.C.65.25 - COMINES CHURCH
28.P.20.C.20.95 - HOUTHEM CHURCH


I am still puzzled as to why HOLLEBEKE village and church are not annotated, and why WERVICQ CHURCH appears so large and close, when it is further away than most of the other churches and twice as far as HOUTHEM CHURCH.


I did wonder if the WERVICQ CHURCH annotation was implying Wervicq Church was behind the very prominent/close HOLLEBEKE CHURCH and being obscured by it, but if you plot the sightlines, the two do not line up from the given viewpoint.


From the trench reference given as the Viewpoint, Hollebeke Church would align roughly with the two churches in COMINES, but there's nought on the panorama.  Most perplexing!







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Mark, amazing work! Thankyou

This sketch does seems to be rather strange. I wonder if the Major - Cant work out his name actually did it a long back from the front line rather like Black Adder...

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