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Old story i remember about VC winner


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Having just read the white feather thread i was reminded of a story i recall being told when at school about a VC winner in WW1.

Can not remeber it completely but it was basically a soldier comes home from the war on leave and walks about in civvies. He gets taunted by locals and children to the point that he goes back to the front early. They think he is avoiding the army and has not enlisted. it is later learnt that he was killed and that he had previously earnt a VC.

I guess this story was not really true but used as a way of showing that you should not assume and pre judge people.

Has anyone ever heard this story?



Ps having read the white feather thread again i see a similar reference to this story!!

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This story sounds like that which happened to John Kendrick Skinner (VC, DCM) who whilst back in blighty when recovering from his eighth wound, was handed a white feather when in civvies. He was in fact a VC holder at this time!!


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