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Help with WW1 Medal Roll Index Card


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I have attached a WW1 Medal Rolls Index Cards 1914-1920 for Ernest Davies and hope that the information gleaned from this record will either eliminate this person completely or hopefully give a strong indication that he was my uncle.

I would be grateful if someone can explain what all the numbers mean as they are a little too complicated for me.

Many thanks in advance Military File Card for an Ernest Davies to be investiagated 30850_A000418-00691.jpg

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He was a Gunner in the Royal Field Artillery, and his number, 740987 indicates that he was in the 4th Welsh Brigade RFA, part of 53rd (Welsh) Division, and later renumbered 268 Brigade RFA. He embarked in France on 23 November 1915 and thus qualified for the 1914-15 Star as well as the British War Medal and the Victory Medal.


When 53rd Division went to Gallipoli in 1915 the divisional artillery remained behind, and on reaching France they were attached to various othe divisions for instruction, before embarking for Egypt in February 1916 to rejoin 53rd Division. The brigade was reorganised and renumbered 266 in Dec 1916 and spent the rest of the war in Egypt and Palestine.


The original 4th Welsh Brigade was raised in Monmouthshire.



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Hi Henry's-Daughter,

Ron has given all the information  (and more) that can be gleaned from his MIC.

The complicated numbers in the lower half of the card only refer to where his name is to be found in the actual Medal Rolls themselves.

I  think you might find some supportive evidence to further your research on it, but I doubt that it will be strong enough to positively identify , or positively exclude a man.


Sadly, it doesn't seem that his service record has survived.

What background information do you have about him?

Other members might be able to provide evidence as to his date of attesting, based on service number maybe.

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Thank you both for replying.  I appreciate you taking the time to do the research for me including the background information as it was useful. I note that this man joined a Welsh Regiment -  this may be evidence for elimination. 

The only background information that I have, which may be relevant, is not for Ernest Davies himself but for that of his brothers.  The family lived in Wimbledon, Surrey.

George Davies (Ernest’s eldest brother).  I have found an Attestation form for him that shows him to be a Motor Driver in the Army Services Corps recruited at Grove Park, and confirms his father’s name and address.

Henry Davies (Ernest’s youngest brother – my father).   The only military documentation evidence that I have is his Medal Card, but I have photographs and other artefacts that support that he was a Driver in the RFA. His Medal Card indicates that he was in the TF and joined 5c Reserve Battery at Charlton Park – with the help of forum members.

So, I am unsure that this particular Ernest Davies that joined the Welsh Regiment, is my uncle. 

However, my great Grandfather, was welsh and was born in Pontypool, Monmouthshire. Do you know if the Welsh regiment recruited in London?

I would be grateful of your opinion.


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The RFA recruited all over the country and had less of a regional affiliation than the infantry regiments. Ernest joined as a volunteer (before conscription was introduced in 1916) so he could have chosen which unit to join.


The Monmouthshire connection is encouraging. Although it does not prove either way whether this Ernest was your uncle, it does add a little weight to one side of the scales.


Paradoxically, if he had been killed, the issue could probably have been resolved more easily! There were two Ernest Davies and three E Davies in the RFA who died in the war, but none of these is the man shown on your medal index card.



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