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Lieutenant, The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)

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Thank you for responding so quickly. The map I am interested in is the 2nd one in comment #5, the yellow map which has the blue boxes on it and the word remain. 


I googled UKNA and all it came up with was UK Narcotics Anonymous!


Also thank you for the pointer to the 124 Brigade war diaries. I have downloaded them and they are very useful.

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@Kev R

First phase of success!


Dear Mr Laughton,


I’m very pleased to be able to tell you that we have completed the CWGC review of your Identification Case 365 for Lieutenant Alfred Eaves. We believe your submission has merit and have sent it to the Service Authorities for further investigation. Subject to that assessment they will then go to the Joint Casualty and Compassionate Center for final adjudication.


It has taken a considerable time for us to complete the initial review for this case but I hope you are pleased with the positive news. I would like to thank you for your continued patience as we deal with the impact of the very significant increase in our case work over the past few years. We are increasing the number of staff in the Commemorations team which I hope will result in a reduction in the time it takes for cases to be resolved.


Thank you for your support of the work of the CWGC and for your dedicated efforts to ensure that every casualty is correctly commemorated.


With kind regards



Mel Donnelly

Commemorations Policy Manager

Commonwealth War Graves Commission
2 Marlow Road Maidenhead Berkshire SL6 7DX United Kingdom
Tel: +44 1628 634221   Website: www.cwgc.org
This e-mail and any attachments to it are confidential and are intended solely for the use of the individual to whom it is addressed. Any views or opinions expressed in it are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. If you are not the intended recipient of this e-mail you must not take any action based on its content nor copy or show it to anyone. Instead please contact the sender if you believe you have received this e-mail in error.


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Good news. It will be great if the evidence successfully passes Phases II & III.

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Well done Richard and all involved in these posts in the matter at hand. 


I hope to submit my second case, in the next couple of weeks.  


One thing, I’m not happy about that the CWGC call the National Army Museum, a ‘Service Authorities’ 


just a little moan but again well done to all



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Sorry Mark, no additional details at this time.


On Pluto, where the Review Agencies are stationed, the "speed of light" is much slower than here on earth.


They are working on the cases as Captain Clay was recently approved. As for my Canadian cases, they were sent to the bottom of the list.

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Good to hear they are working on things. Gravity is an issue up there too!


Sorry to hear about the Canadians.

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A response has been received from the MoD, regarding this search, unfortunately the wished-for outcome has not occurred. Their research indicates the possibility of 'a further 12 candidates for this grave in addition to Lieutenant Eaves.'


The response letter is attached.


MOD - Eaves.pdf

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  A curious response.


2 points- one for, one anti:


1)  There is nothing at all for the Eaves candidate to say that he was identified as QRWS Lt by  officer kit or badges/buttons-  only that there was a cross.  I cannot see that noting similarities of badge between various London regiments does anything than distract from the issue that this man was partly identified from grave marker.

    Similarity of badges between different regiments seems to be a red herring.  There is also nothing at all to suggest the other unknown officer candidate was from a group of London regiments, rather than from a whole galaxy of regiments that were slaughtered at much the same place.


2) A case against it being Eaves is what happened to other burials of the 10 QRWS at that time.  There are burials for 3 men between 3-10 October and all are now at the A.I.F. cemetery at Flers. One is before the 7th,one after.  Why should not Eaves have been buried with these men?  The newspaper report attached by Richard Laughton (God rest) is quite specific :




Does this mean that IF (and it is only IF)  the grave marker put up by whoever buried this man got the wrong regiment?  If the marker was from the burial described, then would the regiment have been wrong?  Unlikely. 

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