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Army Cycle Corps?


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My Great Grandfather Charles Loughan Was in the 1st Battalion, Leinster Regiment. 

I have looked into him, He was born in Ireland, Enlisted in Scotland... But he joined the Canadian regiment??.... I have also found out that His regiment arrived in France in Dec1914..  Charles Died 30th Jan 1915.. So he wasnt there long!..  His memorial is at Menin Gate, On a panel so i presume they never found his body. 


Anyway on the Effects left to his mother it had that he was in the Army Cycle Corps.. What did this involve?..

He was a Lance corporal..

I have tried to find a war diary, but cant find one for the 1st battalion...


If anyone can give me any details of him or his regiment, that would be great!


I have a great photo of him.. 


Thank you in Advance

Kelly x

charles pic.jpg

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Your reference to "the Canadian regiment" made me think that Charles Loughan might have been a member of the First Canadian Contingent, many of whose members were emigrants from the British Isles. The Contingent was on Salisbury Plain  from mid-October 1914 to mid-February 1915, when it left for France, though a few members did arrive there late in 1914.


But he does not feature in the list of members of the Contingent, nor in the attestation papers and service records of those who served with the Canadian Expeditionary Force during the war.


And, as you imply, the CWGC shows him to have died a member of the Leinster Regiment.


There's plenty of information elsewhere on the Forum about the
Army Cyclist Corps.



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From LLT


The Prince of Wales’s Leinster Regiment (Royal Canadians)

Battalions of the Regular Army

1st Battalion
August 1914 : in Fyzabad, India. Returned to England, landing Plymouth on 16 November 1914.
Moved to Winchester and came under orders of 82nd Brigade in 27th Division.
20 December 1914 : landed at Le Havre.
Moved to Salonika, arriving 12 December 1915.
2 November 1916 : transferred to 29th Brigade in 10th (Irish) Division.


Shows Canadian connection.

He would have been transferred before 12 Dec 1915. Looking at the pic it would seem that he was in the army before the war and it was taken in India,

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I think that the confusion lies in Kelly believing that the Leinsters were a Canadian regiment, when in fact  they were Irish. He would have been in the 27th Division Cyclist Company in France rather than with the Leinsters.


Charles M 

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An explanation  for the title  (Royal Canadians) added to the Leinster Regiment  can be found here


Charles Loughan  8708 1st Bn  Leinster Regiment 

was attached to the 27th Divisional Coy Army Cycle Corps


His will can be found HERE


Regards Ray

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Pleased you were able to look it up yourself

consider yourself very lucky it not often O R are mentioned in the war diary's

not only where but also the time 

It looks like your great grandfather Charles will have been buried on the battlefield close to where he fell 

His grave lost or destroyed in later fighting


Regards Ray




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Excellent sleuthing.

We're talking Dikebusch/Dikkebuss, a few km SW of Ypres.

Does anyone have any more information about the location of the No.9 Trench mentioned in the War Diary?

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This particular war diary is so detailed.. Ive only read a few others.. most seem to be fairly generalised.. but this one even states who received court martial and lots of names etc.. Drunkeness & Leaving billet without permission! .. Not my Charles though!..


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Charles service number  8708 indicates that he joined the Leinster Regiment 

between Jan 1908 and Feb 1909


8681 joined on 1st January 1908
9015 joined on 8th February 1909


In the group photo of the 1st Bn Leinster Regiment  (photo cir 1909)

The soldier  top 3rd right looks remarkably  like Charles



Photo Source HERE


Regards Ray



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