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1st Btn. Royal Fusiliers


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Can anyone fill in the blanks of other actions, locations, dates or engagements, etc. Likewise please correct what I have included below as required.


1st Battalion Royal Fusiliers City of London Regiment.


Kinsale 04/08/1914. Part of 17th Brigade, 6th Division (Regular Army Division).

August 1914 went to Cambridge.

Landed at St Nazaire in France on 12.9.14 for service on the Western Front.


Major engagements involved:

First Battle of Ypres as part of III Corps. (Thank for the correction).

1915 Division moved into Ypres Salient (Relieve Troops).

Chateau at Hooge 9 August. 

On 14.10.15 the 17th Brigade went to 24th Division.

Battle of the Somme in autumn 1916

Battle of Passchendaele in autumn 1917.

On 11.11.18 located at Bavai, France.


Thanks for any help members can offer.


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War Diary WO95/1612 covers the 17 Infantry Brigade. It shows leaving Ireland for Holyhead (15th Aug) and Cambridge (15th). The Division was deployed as a security element for the East Coast initially, hence the delay until 8 Sep when they entrained for Southampton and 1 RF plus a part of 1NSR embarked on ss "WESTMEATH" for St Nazaire (10th) and moved on to Coulomniers by 14th.

III Corps (not 111).

War Diary for the first period of the war, Oct 1914 to Oct 1915:


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Thanks very much for the early war time transport information and for the link to the War Diaries.

Does anyone have any additional information from France during 18/8/15 - Feb 1919 which is connected with the 1st?



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