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Help from London Gazette Guru needed please!


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Yet again searching the London Gazettes has defeated me . . .


I would be really grateful if someone with the magic touch could look up the Military Cross award to Lt Charles James Henry Goodford, (Hampshire Regt) which possibly appeared in the 14 Jan 1916 edition of the London Gazette.


Many Thanks



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We came up with a few shortcuts a few months ago for the London Gazette that you may find of assistance at times.


If you know the ISSUE NUMBER just replace the 99999 in this URL with that number:




So if you wanted ISSUE 30562 from March 5, 1918 you just change the 99999 to 30562 and voila:




You can expand on that if you know that you are looking for a specific CITY, ISSUE and PAGE:




such as:




The city, issue, page search does not always work.


Save the 99999 versions as a bookmark for easy reference in the future.


The old system was much better. Some times changes for the better only make things worse!




I failed to mention that you can find the issue number by entering the date in the search box at the bottom of the page. For WWI I use this as the start page:




drop down on the menu on the left side of the page to PUBLICATION DATE and enter it MANUALLY rather than with the calendar:




and that tells you it is 29439 in London Gazette.


Go to the upper right corner and download the complete PDF. Now you can use your BROWSER search function to look for the name, which should (I use Google Chrome) start to show responses as you type. Nothing shows for his name in that issue that I see. It may be in one of the supplement versions as they do list a 29439, 29440, 29441 and 29442 and maybe more.


Perhaps the date is wrong, so change the date boxes to 01/01/1916 to 31/12/1916 to search all the 1916 entries and there it shows as "C. J. H. Goodford":


The London Gazette, Issue 29730, Page 8597


and on page 8596 we know that is a notice from a change in 2nd Lt. to Lt. and not the award. Maybe he knew Kipling, as his too was changed after his death.



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Thank you so much for this and for taking the time to share. I have saved it off and will use it when I next need to search the Gazettes





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