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I hope you can help me find military information about my grandfather, Salvatore Lombardo, who was in the Italian Army during World War 1.He had told my father that he was  prisoner of war, "surviving on potato peels." The military records I have don't seem to say anything about him being a prisoner. Below I have done a rough translation, but it is very incomplete. Salvatore Lombardo might have been captured at the battle of Monte Grappa, where his regiment fought.

Thank you for any help you can offer.


Daniel Lombardo 

Westhampton, MA 01027



Salvatore Lombardo


Standing Army Militia


Serial number 27047 Siracusa District



Fanteria Soldato (Infantry Soldier)


Lombardo, Salvatore, son of Vincenzo and Di Mauro, Francesca.


Born November 13, 1893 at Canicattini (Bagni),  district of Siracusa.


Military soldier, first class, 1893


District of Siracusa, 

Called to arms and joined 16 May 1917.


….. in the 289 Battalion H. T. 26 May 1917.


Transferred to 30 “Costegoria Secisione” (?) Seven (?)


Recommended he advances (?)  5/15/1917 .... 15 N 353


…in machine-gunner school……     9 November 1917


Arrived in the territory declared warzone 24 December 1917


… in 119 Infantry Regiment (Depot 31?) … from 2 Aprile 1918


…in    6 nov 1918


… in 2129 Comp. … 22 Feb 1918 (?)


Repatriated 10 November 1918


In … 33 Infantry    4 February 1919

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