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Unidentifiable Soldier, wounded


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I'm looking through the diary for 36 CCS which names a lot of individuals. I'm checking entries against MICs. Rolls, SWB, Casualty Lists and MH106 on FWR  (36CCS received transfers from 39 CCS).


A handful of soldiers' numbers have been entered incorrectly but I've managed to sort them out. Except this man;


11/5/1916 7308 Pte. W. Clayton 2/Middlesex admitted with severe shell wounds of L. thigh & leg, R. arm. Handed to Camp commander for having a live Mills No. 5 with detonator in his kit.


His number maybe 73081 or there's a slight chance it's 1308 or 13081 but I can make no connection to anyone. Assuming he transferred to another unit with another number that makes him difficult to find from medal rolls as you can't seem to search for 'previous unit/number'. No W Claytons in Middlesex Regt. with a previous number like that. Nobody showing on Casualty Lists with anything like that number.


Perhaps I've mis-read Middlesex Regt.? Or they've seriously mixed up name, number & regiment with another man.


41107 Pritchard is easy to find in medal rolls.


Any ideas?




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To France 8 11 1914 awarded SWB. Ralph


B273204 served 19 5 1914 - 18 4 1919 William Walter 

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Thanks Phil, didn't try Claydon. He is in Casualty lists but indexed as number 13808, original shows 7308.


Not sure why a fair few wounded took live grenades with them. Will be checking his service record which i note is indexed as Middlesex regt. but with his LC number

Thanks again for the additional info.


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As frequently - our GWF pals seem to have come up good again for you.

Not sure how many wounded took grenades with them.  ???

Know it was permissible to drop your webbing [incl. grenades within] if you were wounded but few seriously wounded might be minded to empty their pockets too! Nor perhaps searched/removed by your mates/stretcher bearers when evacuating you from the battlefield.

Your original quote seems to misinterpret [in my mind anyway] - Was it not the grenade that was handed to the camp commandant? [not Clayton/Claydon]

Service Record should perhaps be able to clear up if a disciplinary matter or not.

I would hazard "not" if early in medical evacuation chain - later might be much more questionable!

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