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WO 372-8-62171 - Medal Card 8333, 930154, AN8 M41633 BDR Frederick Goodrich

John Scales

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Searching for information on my other Grandfather.  Served i artillery as WW1.  Only photo I have is in uniform in WWII  (Air Force as a area air raid warden (my understanding)  Seeking info on units and where they served

WO 372-8-62171 - Medal Card 8333, 930154, AN8 M41633 BDR Frederick Goodrich.pdf

Frederick Goodrich (Grandfather)  WWII (1).jpg

Frederick Goodrich - Medals.jpg

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Surprised to see a 1937 discharge date on a MIC but I can confirm his record is with the MOD under number M/41633. There is an Item Code of ADT000256038.


It will take sometime to get the record from them but follow this link








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I'll add that his 930154 number and the date of entry entry on the card equates to the 281st Brigade RFA, formerly the 1/2nd London (Territorial) Brigade.


281 Brigade landed in France 4/10/1915 and his re-numbering from 833 to 930154 took place in spring 1917. The 930154 number could relate to either 281 or 291 Brigade so I can't be 100% which unit he was with in spring 1917 but 281 seems probable.


281 Brigade were divisional artillery of the 56th (London) division. Confusingly it seems the 281 brigade went to France with the 36th Ulster division and served under them until Dec 1915. 281 Brigade consisted of 4 batteries, A - D.


No idea when he transferred to RASC but although his medal card shows this his WWI medal roll does not indicate any service with RASC so I suspect this is post WWI service.


281 Brigade have a unit history at National Archives which can be bought for £3.45, Aug 1915 - May 1919.


Or, if you have an ancestry subscription it can be viewed here.  This is also available free in UK libraries but the previous link won't work, I could add one if needed?


The MOD record could take several months to arrive but it should confirm units and dates of transfers. It may be better to wait to see the record before buying unit diaries.






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