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Vincent Borg

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Hello All,

Today the 04th October, 2016 marks the 100th anniversary when the Franconia 1 under the command of Captain David S. Miller was torpedoed by German Submarine UB47 under the command of Oberleutnant zur see Wolfgang Steinbauer, leaving the following twelve members of her crew all from Liverpool missing:


Thompson George - Age 16 - Trimmer.

Patterson Patrick - Age 19 - Fireman.

McQuillam Edward - Age 21 - Trimmer.

Curry Joseph (Served as Joseph Carney) - Age 24 - Trimmer.

Dixon Patrick - Age 25 - Fireman.

Hart Albert - Age 27 - Fireman.

Mooney Patrick - Age 27 - Fireman.

McDonald Robert - Age 31 - Refrigerator Greaser.

Graham Alexander - Age 33 - Trimmer.

Kerrigan Patrick - Age 38 - Trimmer.

Dudley John - Age 40 - Fireman.

Bostock Samuel - Age 61 - Boiler Maker.


To remember also Samuel Birks - Second Engineer who survived from the sinking of the Francona


Will Always Be Remembered.

Vincent Borg.



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Of those, Hart is included in the Liverpool Town Hall Roll of Honour,and Bostock on the Bootle Civic Memorial.


Let us remember them all.


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Thanks for the information.  Furthermore all lost sailors are commemorated in the Tower of London memorial.



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