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Private 12970 Randall

Michael Peck

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Hi List,

I've recently given a good home to the usual WW1 trio of medals issued to Private 12970 George Randall, Norfolk Regiment. His 'medal roll' indicates entered France 25.7.15 and he was released to Class 'Z'. There is nothing on Ancestry or Findmypast that I can see, and there are many of the name on census. Has any Norfolk Regiment expert stumbled across George before, and can help me trace him? My thanks for any help.



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There is not a great deal to go on. The only thing that can be said with certainty is that he attested either on 1 or 2 September 1914 - 12968 Frederick Talbot on 2 September 1914 and 12972 Charles Edward Bowles on 1 September 1914.


The enlistment places from the surviving service papers and the SDGW are not really going to help because the number sequence of 129** are for Norwich, Suffolk and London (Middlesex).

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12968 William Henry Dunnell, lived in Bawburgh, b1893

12971 Royal Stanley Gould, lived in Bowthorpe, b1894

12974 William Barney Root, lived in Swaffham, b1892.

12975 James W Howes, lived in Swaffham, born 1891


I'd say your man attested at Norwich around 2nd September 1914.


There are probably three men that I think are fairly likely suspects, but it's tricky.


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