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Urgent - Help with photo from The Tank Museum - Gaza II

Eran Tearosh

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I'm trying to find the origins and a better copy of the attached photo/illustration.


I found it with & without the logo of The Tank Museum, however - only in very poor quality.


Can anyone assist?





טנק ברצועת עזה.jpg



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Have you asked the Tank Museum?

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The photo could be "War Baby" or "Kia Ora" or one of the few female tanks as part of that force. And or one a a later number used in the 3rd Gaza battle in Oct 1917?


As to the other photos in the RAAC Site shown in three shots with an Arab guide, that tank was "War Baby" which was destroyed at the 2nd Gaza battle.


We have talked about these Tanks before some where in this area, where details of all the eight tanks in mentioned.





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This MkI tank has been modified with the addition of a silencer and exhaust pipe. Photographic evidence suggests that these modifications occurred during the interval between the second and third battles of Gaza. Two of the four MkI female tanks were destroyed during the second battle, so this tank must be one of the survivors, HMLS Tiger or HMLS Kia Ora.

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The local World War I Heritage Society has just finished its two day annual conference (including field trip) and congratulations are due to the management team for an excellent event.


And now the cunning plan (worthy of General Sir Anthony Cecil Hogmanay Melchett himself) can be revealed.

Our Chairman, known hereabouts as Eran, wanted a theme for the next year and chose the tank for the centenary of its appearance in the EEF. But, a suitable picture had to be found and one that could be reproduced on the society's material for the coming year eg; the membership card

Alas the first choice did not reproduce too well and so the decision has gone in favour of



There's a great programme of events & visits coming up, including the final (?) identification of the site of the infamous Tank Redoubt. We're looking forward to a great year ahead, culminating in another annual conference, delayed by a couple of months or so in order to coincide with the centenary of Allenby's entry into Jerusalem.


Thanks to Eran and the management team for all your hard work


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See you both on the ground sometime soon!

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