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ilkley remembers

10th Reserve Squadron RFC march 1917

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ilkley remembers

I am currently researching the WW1 casualties from the town of Ilkley, with the results being put onto a Facebook page called Ilkley Remembers.


One of the casualties is Lieutenant Joseph Henry Ideson who was killed in a flying accident on the 13th march 1917. I have seen his RAF casualty card which states that he was with the 10th Reserve Squadron. I am anxious to locate the whereabouts of the squadron on the day in question...research seems to suggest Joyce Green which is near deptford Marshes in Kent. Is anyone able to confirm this or give any other clues about the units location at that time.


Thanks in advance 

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10 RS was at Joyce Green at the time. It was dedicated to turning out scout pilots for DH2 and FE8 squadrons.




Formed in 6th Wing at Joyce Green 1.9.1915 from 2 RAS C Flt. To 18th Wing by 5.1916. Returned to 6th Wing by 1.1917. Designated as a Higher Reserve Squadron training pusher Scout pilots and establishment at 23.12.1916 set at 6 HF + 6 Vickers FB + 6 DH2/FE8. To Ternhill and 29th Wing 1.6.1917. To Shawbury 30.6.1917 and converted to tractor machines. To Lilbourne 7.4.1918. To Gosport and 8 Group 25.6.1918. Autumn 1918 establishment intended as 12 SE5a + 12 Avro. Disbanded 24.2.1919.

Commanding Officer

Representative Aeroplanes

AMC DH1                4629.

AMC DH2                6008, 7866, 7867, 7868, A2550, A2559, A2560, A2593, A2597, A2602, A2613, A4786, A4789, A4798, A4800, A4802, A4988.

AMC DH5                A9437.

Avro 504                 779.

Avro 504A/J/K         A8502, A8507, A8521, B917, B918, B919, B941, B945, B946, B948, B990, B995, B3108, B3153, B3276, B4230, D4388, D4441, D7051.

Bristol Scout C         1607.

Bristol Scout D         5293, 5554, 5558, 5570, 5572, 5575, 7036, 7037, 7054, 7055, 7057, A1779, A1782.

Curtiss JN3              6122.

Curtiss JN4              5723.

GW XIV                   594.        

HF F.20                    1836, 7403, 7413, 7414, 7420, 7428, 7429, 7440, 7441, A1154, A1183, A1192, A1194, A1201, A1250, A1738.

Martinsyde G.102     A3949, A4001.

MF Se.7                   4008.

MF Se.11                 5885.

RAF BE2c                1776, 2049, 4147, 4700.

RAF BE2e                7072.

RAF BE12a              A565.

RAF FE8                  6401, 6403, 6406, 7597.

RAF RE8                  A3185, A3444.

RAF SE4                  5610.

RAF SE5a                D401.

Sopwith Pup             A6230, B804, B1844, B1849, B1850, B2191, B2192, B2245, B5295, B5335, B5341, B5381, B6038, B6039, B6092, B6141.

Sopwith F1 Camel    B2310, B2313, B5164, B5215, B6252, B6268, B6305, B6404, B6415, B6416, B6432, B6433, B6446, B7316, B7359, B9132, B9158, B9230, B9232, B9242, B9248, B9316, C8, C9, C15, C16, C92, E1507, E1508.

Vickers FB5             1624, 1630, 1644, 1646, 2865, 2867, 2879, 2880, 2883, 5618, 56205659, 5668, 5679.

Vickers FB9             5272, 5273, 5279, 5280, 5281, 5287, A1411, A1412, A8601, A8602, A8611, A8618, A8624.

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ilkley remembers

Thank you, Mick Davis, for the information. That seems pretty conclusive;  Joseph Ideson would have crashed near to Joyce Green.


Thanks again

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