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Lieutenant William Mitchell Biggart M.C.


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Hello All,

Some of you may recall the research group that I belong to. We are the descendants of men who fought alongside Sergeant Cyril E Gourley, when he won his Victoria Cross at Little Priel Farm on 30th November 1917. Of the 14 men that we have discovered, the location of just one medal set is unknown. That is the Military Cross and medals belonging to Lieutenant William Mitchell Biggart. Born in 1890, William was brought up at the family home 'Inchgarvie', Sherbrooke Avenue, Pollokshields, Glasgow. He won his M.C. whilst serving with D/276 Battery, 55th West Lancashire Division RFA. After the war, he married Janet Mitchell, and they had a daughter called Elizabeth, who didn't marry or bear any children. William's surviving relatives are desperately searching for his medals but are drawing a blank. Our Group has also contacted a number of medal experts, but still the location of his medals is unknown. Please can anyone help?


Wayne Finch

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you tried the british medal forum and medal news?

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if this is the correct MIC the you have been looking for the wrong details - he was a captain

not sure what the reference says but looks like something returned ? Have you looked on the 1939 register to see who lived at the address on the MIC ?

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Ah, thank you Coldstreamer. Yes this is the correct MIC for 'our' man. Perhaps I should have said that he and Janet moved to Muirhead after they married.

Also, I should have said he was a Lieutenant at the time of the action, but rose to the rank of Captain, and three days before the end of the war became acting Major.

I'll contact the family over the medal forum and medal news to see if they have tried those options.

With grateful thanks once again,


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