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In forward trenches

Guest scott leader

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Guest scott leader


Can you help.

DCM citation give's the details.

............. Stretcher bearer........ searched for and attended the wounded in forward trenches in the open under heavy fire............etc.

Would this be the british "Front Line" or the first or second line of enemy trenches.

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I`ve always understood the "front line" to be the most forward trench, while "forward trenches" are any at or close to the front. As Ken says, they were probably referring to British trenches but they could in theory be German. It sounds as if he was also working in the open between the trenches. Phil B

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Trenches were invariable in threes being, counted from that nearest to the enemy; front or fire trench, support trench then reserve trenches. These might then be repeated, particularly on the German side; first line trench system, second line, third line etc. Remember that the Germans were for the most part defending whilst the allies were attacking, thus our trench systems didn't have quite the same depth, nor indeed comfort of the German trenches.



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