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Albert Emblen, Royal Sussex Regt

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Somewhat confused by this chap who died at Cambrai on 25 Nov 1917.

CWGC & Soldiers Who Died give his number as TF/201565 - which looks like Territorial Force and a post 1917 number from the batch allocated to the 4th Bn, R Sussex.

His medal roll (VM & BWM) indicates service abroad with the 11th and 7th Bns - number simply 201565.

He is on the Newbury war memorial (hence my interest) and on the Hove Roll of Honour (in Hove Library). He enlisted in Brighton - no idea when.

He ran a confectioner's shop in Newbury and is last listed in the 1914 street directory (ie not in 1915).

In Jul 1916 he married in Southall giving his occupation as soldier - his wife is living in Uxbridge post war.

My tentative explanation for all this is that:

1) he moved from Newbury to Hove in 1914 for business reasons or to take part in some form of war work.

2) he enlisted under the Derby Scheme or was conscripted in early 1916 - if so would he get leave to marry in Jul 17?.

3) he trained with the 4th (Reserve) Bn, R Sussex and was still training when the renumbering took place in 1917.

4) he went to France to join the 11th Bn and was slightly wounded or went sick leaving the battalion to go to hospital (this could even have happened as step 3 if he was sent back to the UK to recover and allocated to the 4th Bn during convalescence etc).

5) on recovery he was sent to the 7th Bn - perhaps to make up the numbers pre Cambrai?

Any better ideas welcome!


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The war gratuity should give length of qualifying service. I'll take a look when I get the chance.


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He had a gratuity of £8 10s (net - type 1) which gives £10 10s gross.

This would give him 23 months qualifying service prior to death. Assuming no breaks in his qualifying service then it would indicate an enlistment date of Jan 1916 (the date can possibly be pushed back to Dec 1915 based on the way the gratuity works).


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As far as I can see;

201563 Walter Harrison, from Selham, joined in Brighton 9/11/1915 - Original TF number 222. Then 4/4804.

201570 Alfred Wilson, from Hackney, joined in Brighton 8/11/1915. Original TF number 210.

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Thanks guys - I had forgotten the war gratuity trick, only a few days after learning it - age shall most definitely weary us!

So a Derby Scheme inspired recruitment but straight into uniform without waiting for the Group call. Definite progress!

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