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I cannot add more without starting a new topic for some reason. Perhaps if some replies to this then I might be able.

Doiran Memorial in Greece-160.

Doiran Military Cemetery in Greece-15.

Dolla old Graveyard near Nenagh, County Tipperary-1.

Dominion Cemetery, Hendecourt-Les-Cagnicourt, Pas-De-Calais, France-6.

Domino British Cemetery, Epehy.-1.

Don Communal Cemetery, Annoeullin, France-1.

Donagh Old Graveyard, County Fermanagh.-1.

Donaghcumper Cemetery-2.

Donaghmore Old Graveyard.-1.

Doncaster Hyde Park Cemetery, Yorkshire, UK.-1.

Doneraile (Old Court) Cemetery, County Cork-1.

Donoughmore Catholic Churchyard, County Cork-3.

Doonbeg Catholic Cemetery, County Clare-1

Doonbeg Churchyard, County Clare-1.

Dorchester Cemetery, Dorset. U.K-1.

Douai British Cemetery, France.-2.

Douai Communal Cemetery.-1.

Douala Cemetery, Cameroons-1.

Douchy-Les-Ayette British Cemetery in France-19.

Douglas (St Luke) Church of Ireland Churchyard, County Cork-5.

Douglas Catholic Cemetery, Cork-20.

Douglas Catholic Cemetery, County Cork-2.

Douglas Cemetery (Isle of Man)-2.

Doullens Communal Cemetery Extesion, France-38.

Dover (St James) Cemetery-17.

Dozingham Military Cemetery in Belgium-87.

Dragoon Camp Cemetery, Belgium-1

Dranouter Churchyard.-1.

Dranoutre Military Cemetery in Belgium.-13.

Drinagh Old Graveyard, County Cork-1.

Drishane Graveyard.-1.

Drogheda (Calvary) Catholic Cemetery, County Louth.-3.

Drogheda (St Mary) Church of Irealnd Churchyard, County Louth-1.

Drogheda (St Peter's) Catholic Cemetery-4.

Dromavally Burial Ground Killorglin, County Kerry-1.

Dromin Old Graveyard.-2.

Dromod Church of Ireland Churchyard, County Kerry-3.

Drumalee Catholic Cemetery-1.

Drumcar (St Fintan) Church of Ireland) Churchyard-1.

Drumcondra (St John the Baptist) Churchyard-1.

Drumcondra St George's Burial Ground, Dublin-4.

Drumcong Catholic Churchyard.-1.

Drumconrath New Catholic Cemetery-1.

Drumcor Catholic Churchyard-1.

Drumgoon (Middle Chapel) Catholic Churchyard, County Cavan-1.

Drummond Cemetery, Raillencourt-1.

Drumshanbo Catholic Churchyard.-1.

Drung Catholic Churchyard, County Donegal-1.

Duala Cemetery, Cameroon.-1.

Dublin Friend's Burial Ground, County Dublin.-1.

Dud Corner Cemetery, Loos in France-90.

Dudley Park Cemetery, South Australia.-1.

Dueville Communal Cemetery Extension, Italy-1.

Duhallow A. D. S. Cemetery in Belgium-37.

Duisans British Cemetery Extension in France-2.

Duisans British Cemetery, Etrun in France-48.

Dunbrody Park, Arthurstown, County Wexford.-1.

Dundalk (Castletown) Catholic Cemetery, County Louth-3.

Dundalk (St Patrick's) Cemetery, County Louth-20.

Dundee (Balgay) Cemetery-3.

Dunfermline Cemetery-1.

Dunfierth Graveyard-1.

Dungarvan (St Mary) Catholic Churchyard, County Waterford-1.

Dungourney Church of Ireland Churchyard, County Cork-1.

Dunkirk Town Cemetery, France-10.

Dunlavin (St Nicholas) Churchyard, County Wicklow.-1.

Dunleckney Cemetery, Bagenalstown, County Carlow.-1.

Dunmore Catholic Churchyard, Kilkenny.-1.

Durban (Stellawood) Cemetery in South Africa-4.

Durban (West Street) Cemetery, South Africa-1.

Durrington Cemetery, Wiltshire-2.

Durrow (St. Columbcille) Catholic Churchyard, Co Offaly-2.

Durrow Catholic Churchyard in County Laois-2.

Dury Crucifix Cemetery in France.-3.

Dury Mill British Cemetery-3.

Dury Mill Cemetery, Pas-De-Calais, France.-2.

East Finchley Cemetery and St Marylebone Crematorium-1.

East London Cemetery Hermit Road, Canning Town,.-1.

East London Cemetery, Plaistow. U.K.-1.

East Mudros Military Cemetery in Greece-40.

Eastbourne (Ocklynge) Cemetery, Sussex, UK.-3.

Eastern Health Board Offices Grounds of Kilmainham in Dublin-4.

Eastern Health Board Offices Grounds, Kilmainham, Dublin-1.

Ebblinghem Military Cemetery in France-33.

Ebbw Vale Cemetery, Monmouthshire, UK.-1.

Ecclesmachan Cemetery, West Lothian, UK.-1.

Eckington Burial Ground, Derbyshire-1.

Ecoivres Military Cemetery Mont-St. Eloi in France-27.

Ecoust Military Cemetery, Ecoust-St. Mein-1.

Ecoust-St. Mein, Pas-De-Calais, France-3.

Edgeworthstown Cemetery, County Longford.-1.

Edinburgh (Comely Bank) Cemetery UK-6.

Edinburgh (Mount Vernon) Roman Catholic Cemetery-3.

Edinburgh (Newington or Echo Bank) Cemetery-1.

Edinburgh (Rosebank) Cemetery, Edingurgh-1.

Edinburgh (Seafield) Cemetery-1.

Edinburgh (Seafield) Cemetery-9.

Edinburgh Eastern Cemetery, Scotland-1.

Edmonton Cemetery, Alberta, Canada-2.

Edmonton St Joachim's Roman Catholic Cemetery-1.

Eglish (Holy Trinity) Church of Ireland Churchyard, County Offaly-1.

Elmhall Cemetery, Belcarra, County Mayo.-1.

Elouges Communal Cemetery-1.

Elzenwalle Brasserie Cemetery in Belgium-9.

Embarkation Pier Cemetery in Turkey-21.

Emo Catholic Churchyard, County Laois-2.

Englebelmer Communal Cemetery Extension in France-2.

Englebelmer Communal Cemetery-1.

Englefield Green Cemetery, Surrey-1.

Ennemain Communal Cemetery Extension, France-4.

Ennis (Clare Abbey) Cemetery-1.

Ennis (Drumcliff) Cemetery, County Clare-7..

Enniscorthy New Catholic Cemetery, County Wexford-7.

Enniskillen Roman Catholic Cemetery-1.

Ennistymon Cemetery, County Clare-5.

Epehy Woiod Farm Cemetery, Epehy-19.

Eppeville Old Churchyard, France-1.

Epsom Cemetery, UK.-6.

Erquelinnes Communal Cemetery, France-2.

Erquinghem-Lys Churchyard, Extension-22.

Eshowe Cemetery, Kwazulu, Natal, South Africa-1.

Esnes Communal Cemetery, France-2.

Esplechin Churchyard, Tournai, Hainaut, Belgium-1.

Esquelbecq Military Cemetery, France-9.

Esquimalt (Veternas) Cemetery in Canada-2.

Essex Farm Cemetery in Belgium-26.

Estaires Communal Cemetery and Extension in France-18.

Eston Cemetery, Yorkshire.-1.

Etaples Military Cemetery in France-208.

Eterpigny Communal Cemetery Extension-1.

Etreat Churchyard Extension in France-5.

Etreat Churchyard in France-9.

Etreux British Cemetery, Etreux, Aisne, France-61.

Etreux Communal Cemetery, Aisne, France.-2.

Ettagh (St Mark) Churchyard, County Offaly-1.

Euston Post Cemetery, Laventie, France-8.

Euston Road Cemetery, Colincamps in France-11.

Exeter Higher Cemetery, Devon.-3.

Faenza Communal Cemetery, Ravenna Emilia-Romagna, Italy-1.

Faithlegg Catholic Churchyard in Waterford-1.

Fakenham Cemetery, Fakenham, Norfolk.-2.

Falmouth Cemetery, Cornwall.-2.

Famagusta Military Cemetery, Cyprus-1.

Fampoux Military Cemetery, Pas-De-Calais, France-2.

Fanlobbus (St Mary) Church of Ireland Churchyard, County Cork-1.

Fareham, Cemetery, UK-1.

Faslane Cemetery, Dunbartonshire.-1.

Faubourg D’Amiens Cemetery, Arras in France-51.

Fauquissart Cemetery, Laventie-1.

Fauquissart Military Cemetery, Laventie, France-1.

Favreuil British Cemetery-3.

Featherston Cemetery, South Wairarapa District.-2.

Felixtowe New Cemetery, Suffolk.-2.

Fenor, Catholic Churchyard, County Waterford-1.

Ferme Buterne Military Cemetery in France-43.

Ferme-Olivier Cemetery in Belgium-22.

Fermoy Military Cemetery, County Cork-21.

Ferozepore Military Cemetery.-1.

Ferrybank Catholic Churchyard, Kilkenny-1.

Feuchy British Cemetery in France.-8.

Feuchy Chapel British Cemetery, Wancourt in France-7.

Feuquieres-En-Vimeu Communal Cemetery in France-1.

Fienvillers British Cemetery in France-3.

Fifteen Ravine British Cemetery, Villers-Plouich, Nord, France-5.

Fillievres British Cemetery, Pas de Calais, France-1.

Finner Cemetery, County Donegal-9.

Fins New British Cemetery, Somme in France-14.

Fintown Catholic Churchyard, County Donegal-1.

Fishguard Church Cemetery-1.

Five Points Cemetery, Lechelle, France-2.

Flanders Field American Cemetery, Belgium.-3.

Flatiron Copse Cemetery. Mametz in France-30.

Flenu Communal Cemetery, Belgium-2.

Flesquieres British Cemetery in France.-1.

Flesquieres Hill British Cemetery, France.-2.

Floursies Churchyard in France-5.

Flushing (Vlissingen) Northerm Cemetery, Zeelands, Netherlands-2.

Folkestone Old Cemetery, Kent. U.K.-2.

Fonatine-Au-Bois Communal Cemetery-1.

Foncquevillers Military Cemetery in France-8.

Fontaine-Au-Bois Communal Cemetery, Nord, France.-3.

Fontaine-Au-Pire Communal Cemetery, France-1.

Forceville Communal Cemetery and Extension in France-7.

Ford Park Cemetery (formerly Plymouth Cemetery) (Pennycomequick) UK-34.

Forest Communal Cemetery, France-2.

Forest of Dean (Christ Church) Churchyard-1.

Forest Town (St Alban) Churchyard-1.

Foreste Communal Cemetery, Aisne, France-1.

Forgan (Vicarsfield) Cemetery-1.

Fornville Military Cemetery in France.-1.

Fort Carlisle Military Cemetery, County Cork-5.

Fort Pitt Military Cemetery in Kent, UK-10.

Fosse 7 Military Cemetery (Quslity Street), Mazingarbe.E-1.

Fosse No 10 Communal Cemetery Extension, Sains- En-Gohelle-8.

Fouilloy Communal Cemetery, Somme-1.

Foulkstown Catholic Churchyard, County Kilkenny-2.

Fouquescourt British Cemetery in France-9.

Fouquieres Churchyard Extension in France-5.

Foxton Cemetery, Horowhenua District, New Zealand.-1.

Frameries Communal Cemetery-1.

France (1914-1918) Memorial. Berkshire-4.

Frankfurt Trench British Cemetery, Beaumont Hamel in France-2.

Franvillers Communal Cemetery Extension, Somme, France-3.

Fremantle Cemetery, Western Australia-8.

Freetown (King Tom) Cemetery Memorial, Sierra Leone-1.

Freetown (King Tom) Cemetery, Sierra Leone-2.

Frenchcourt Communal Cemetery, France-1.

Frensham (St Mary) Churchyard, Surrey-1.

Fricourt British Cemetery-1.

Friend's Burial Ground, Summerhill South, Cork-1.

Frindsbury (All Saints) Churchyard, Kent-1.

Froickheim Cemetery, UK.-1.

Frosses Catholic Churchyard, County Donegal.-1.

Fulford Cemetery.-1.

Fulham Palace Road Cemetery-1.

Galway (Bohermore) New Cemetery, County Galway-17.

Galway (Forthill) Graveyard, County Galway-1.

Garrycloyne Catholic Cemetery, County Cork.-3.

Gaza War Cametery, Israel.-35.

Gent City Cemetery in Belgium-4.

Gentelles Communal Cemetery-1.

Geraldine Old Graveyard-1.

Gezaincourt Communal Cemetery Extension, Somme in France-18.

Giavera British Cemetery, Arcade, Italy-4.

Giavera Memorial, Italy-1.

Gibraltar (North Front) Cemetery, Gibraltar-14.

Gillingham (Woodlands) Cemetery in Kent-26.

Glacknadrummond Methodist Churchyard, County Donegal.-1.

Glageon Communal Cemetery Extension, Nord, France-3.

Glageon Communal Cemetery, Nord, France-2.

Glanworth Old Cemetery, County Cork-1.

Glasgow (Sighthill) Cemetery, Glasgow-2.

Glasgow (St Kentigern’s) Roman Catholic Cemetery-11.

Glasgow (St Peter's) Roman Catholic Cemetery-3.

Glasgow Western Necropolis, Scotland-7.

Glaslough Church of Ireland New Cemetery, County Monaghan-1.

Glasnevin (or Prospect) Cemetery in Dublin-174.

Glasnevin (St Mobhi's) Church of Ireland Churchyard, Dublin.-1.

Glencorse New Cemetery, UK.-1.

Glendermot Church of Ireland Churchyard and New Cemetery, Londonderry-1.

Glenealy Church of Ireland Churchyard, County Wicklow-1.

Glengariffe Bay Roman Catholic Cemetery, Antrim-2.

Glenkeen Cemetry outside Borrisoleigh, County Tipperary-1.

Glenmore (St James)Catholic Churchyard, County Kilkenny-1.

Glennan Presbyterian Churchyard, County Monaghan-1.

Glossop Cemetery.-1.

Godewaersvelde British Cemetery in France-14.

Godezonne Farm Cemetery-1.

Golder’s Green Crematorium, Middlesex-1.

Goldhanger (St Peter) Churchyard, Essex-1.

Gomiecourt South Cemetery, Pas de Calais, France-2.

Gommecourt British Cemetery No 2, Hebuterne, Franc-4.

Gommecourt Wood New Cemetery, Fonc

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Thanks ray.

Last lot.

Upper Fahan (St Mura’s) Church of Ireland Cemetery, County Donegal.-62.

Upton Wood Cemetery, Hendecourt-Les-Cagnicourt in France.-6.

Urlingford Old Graveyard, County Kilkenny.-1.

Usakos Cemetery in Namibia.-1.

V Beach Cemetery in Turkey-144.

V Ravine Cemetery, Beaumont-Hamel in France.-1.

V. C. Corner Australian Cemetery Memorial in Fromelles in France.-8.

Vadencourt British Cemetery, Maissemy.-3.

Vailly British Cemetery in France-33.

Valenciennes (St Roch) Communal Cemetery in France.-21.

Valley Cemetery, Vis-En-Artois in France.-1.

Vancouver (Mountain View) Cemetery, British Columbia.-5.

Varennes Military Cemetery in France-25.

Vaudoy Communal Cemetery in France.-1.

Vaulx Hill Cemetery in France.-4.

Vauxbuin French National Cemetery in France.-5.

Vauxx-Andigny Communal Cemetery.-1.

Veldwezelt Communal Cemetery in Belgium.-1.

Vendresse British Cemetery in France-7.

Venice (San Muichele) Cemetery.-1.

Verberie Communal Cemetery, France.-1.

Verchain British Cemetery, Verchain-Maugre.-1.

Vermelles British Cemetery in France-121.

Vermelles Communal Cemetery-1.

Vernon (Pleasant Valley) Cemetery, Canada.-2.

Vevey (St Martin’s) Cemetery, Switzerland.-10.

Vichte Military Cemetery, Anzegem, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium.-1.

Victoria (Ross Bay) Cemetery, British Columbia, Canada.-4.

Victoria Memorial. Canada, British Columbia.-1

Vieil-Arcy Communal Cemetery in France-1.

Vieille-Chapelle New British Cemetery, Lacouture in France.-11.

Vignacourt British Cemetery in France-10.

Villeneuve-St Georges Old Communal Cemetery 18 Kms south of Paris in France.-1.

Villers Bretonneux Memorial in France.-21.

Villers Cotterets Forest in France.-1.

Villers Hill British Cemetery, Villers-Guislain.-1.

Villers Station Cemetery, Villers-Au-Bois-17.

Villers-Bocage Communal Cemetery Extension, France.-2

Villers-Bretonneux Memorial in France.-100.

Villers-Bretonneux Military Cemetery in France.-41.

Villers-En-Cauches Communal Cemetery.-1.

Villers-En-Prayeres Communal Cemetery.-1.

Villers-Faucon Communal Cemetery Extension.-30.

Villers-Faucon Communal Cemetery in France.3.

Villers-Pol Communal Cemetery Extension, France.-2.

Ville-Sur-Ancre Communal Cemetery Extension in France.-2.

Villiers-Bocage Communal Cemetery Extension in France.-2.

Vimy Communal Cemetery, Farbus, Pas-De-Calais, France.-1.

Vimy Memorial in France.-122.

Vis-En- Artois Memorial.-1.

Vis-En-Artois British Cemetery, Haucourt, Pas de Calais, France-144.

Vlamertinghe Military Cemetery in Belgium-30.

Vlamertinghe New Military Cemetery in Belgium.-23.

Voi Cemetery.-1.

Vooremezeele Enclosures, No 1 and No 2.-16.

Voormezeele Enclosure No 3 in Belgium.-20.

Voormezeele Enclosure No2 in Belgium.-1.

Vraucourt Copse Cemetery, Vaulx-Vraucourt, France.-2.

Wailly Orchard Cemetery.-2.

Waipukurau Cemetery, Central Hawkes Bay district, New Zealand-1.

Walker (Christ Church) Churchyard, Northumberland.-1.

Walker’s Ridge Cemetery in Turkey.-1.

Wallasey (Rake Lane) Cemetery, Cheshire-2.

Wallsend (Church Bank) Cemetery.-1.

Walton and Weybridge (Walton-on-Thames) Cemetery, UK.-1.

Walton-on-the-Naze (or Walton-le-Soken) (All Saints) Churchyard Extension, UK.-1.

Wancourt British Cemetery in France.-7.

Wandsworth (Earlsfield) Cemetery UK.-12.

Wandsworth (Putney Vale) Cemetery and Crematorium, Wandsworth.-1.

Wandsworth (Streatham) Cemetery-2.

Wanganui (Aramoho) Cemetery.-1.

Wanquetin Communal Cemetery Extension, Pas-De-Calais, France.-4.

Wareham Cemetery, Dorset, UK.-2.

Warlencourt British Cemetery in France.-20.

Warlincourt Halte British Cemetery, Saulty in France.-10.

Warlingham (All Saints) Churchyard. Surrey.-1.

Warloy-Baillon Communal Cemetery Extension in France.-25.

Warringal Cemetery.-1.

Warrington Cemetery, Lancashire.-5.

Warvillers Churchyard Extension in France-3.

Washington (Our Lady Immaculate) Roman Catholic Cemetery, Durham.-1.

Wasselonne (Wasselnheim) Protestant Communal Cemetery, France.-1.

Wassigny Communal Cemetery-1.

Waterford Catholic Cemetery, County Waterford.-4

Waterford Protestant Cemetery, County Waterford.-1.

Watford Cemetery-1.

Watou Churchyard, Popeninghe, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium.-2.

Wavans British Cemetery, Pas De Calais, France.-1.

Waverley General Cemetery.-1.

Wellington (Karori) Cemetery, New Zealand.-6.

Wellimngton General Cemetery.-1.

Wellington Provincial Memorial, Wellington, New Zealand.-1.

Welsh Cemetery (Caesars Nose) in Belgium.-1.

Wenvoe (St Mary) Churchyard Extension.-1.

West Ham Cemetery, UK.-2.

West Norwood Cemetery and Crematorium, London.-2.

West Roxbury (Mount Benedict) Roman Catholic Cemetery, Massachusetts, U.S.A.-2.

Westhof Farm Cemetery, Heuvelland, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium.-3.

Weston Turville (St Mary) Churchyard, Buckinghamshire.-1.

Weston-Super-Mare Cemetery, UK.-1.

Westout Churchyard and Extension.-1.

Westoutre British Cemetery in Belgium.-8.

Westoutre Churchyard and Extension, Belgium.-1.

Wexford (St Ibars) Cemetery in Wexford.-14.

Weymouth Cemetery.-1.

Whalley (Queen Mary’s Hospital) Military Cemetery, Lancashire, UK.-2.

Whinney Hill (St Gerard's) Roman Catholic Cemetery.-1.

Whitby (Larpool) Cemetery.-1.

Whitchurch Cemetery, Shropshire-1.

White City Cemetery, Bois-Grenier, France.-2.

White House Cemetery, St Jean-Les-Ypres in Belgium.-27.

Whitechurch Cemetery, County Cork.-3.

Whitechurch Church of Ireland Churchyard, County Waterford.-1.

Widnes Cemetery UK.-1.

Willmount Cemetery, County Galway.-1.

Wilmslow Cemetery, Cheshire, UK.-1.

Wiltshire. Codford St. Mary (St. Mary) New Churchyard. Wiltshire, UK.-1.

Wimereux Communal Cemetery in France.-74.

Winchester (West Hill) Old Cemetery, Hampshire, UK.-6.

Windhoek Old Municipal Cemetery in Namibia.-1.

Windmill British Cemetery, Monchy-Le-Preux in France-4.

Windsor (St Alphonsus) Roman Catholic Cemetery. Ontario, Canada.-1.

Windsor Cemetery, Berkshire. UK.-1.

Windy Corner, Cuinchy in France.-1.

Winnipeg (Brookside) Cemetery.-3.

Winnipeg (Elmwood) Cemetery in Canada-1.

Witham (Holy Family) Roman Catholic Churchyard.-1.

Withycombe Raleigh (St John in the Wilderness) Churchyard.-1.

Witley (Milford) Cemetery.-1.

Wivenhoe (Bellevue Road) Cemetery-1.

Woburn Abbey Cemetery, Cuinchy-1.

Woking (St John’s) Crematorium.-1.

Wokingham (St Sebastian) Churchyard, Berkshire, UK.-1.

Wolverhampton Borough Cemetery, Staffordshire, UK.-1.

Woodgrange Park Cemetery, East Ham.-1.

Woods Cemetery, Belgium.-1.

Wool (Holy Rood) Churchyard and Exension, Dorset.-1.

Woolwich Cemetery, Plumstead, UK-4.

Wooroloo Cemetery.-1

Worms (Hochheim Hill) Cemetery, Germany.-1.

Wulverghem-Lindenhoek Road Military Cemetery-33.

Wye (SS Gregory and Martin) Churchyard. Kent.-1.

Wytschaete Military Cemetery in Belgium-17.

Y Farm Military Cemetery, Bois-Grenier in France.-7.

Y Ravine Cemetery, Beaumont-Hamel in France.-15.

Yatesbury (All Saints) Churchyard, Wiltshire.-1.

York Cemetery, Haspres-1.

York Cemetery, Yorkshire-2.

York Minster Memorial-1.

Youghal (North Abbey) Cemetery, County Cork.-4.

Youghal (St Mary’s) Collegiate Churchyard, County Cork.-2.

Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial in Belgium.-2162.

Ypres Reservoir Cemetery in Belgium-47.

Ypres Town Cemetery Extension in Belgium.-39.

Ystrad Mynach (Holy Trinity) Churchyard, Glamorganshire.-1.

Zantvoorde British Cemetery in Belgium.-20.

Zanzibar (Grave Island) Cemetery. Tanzania.-1.

Zaria Memorial in Nigeria-2.

Zillebeke Churchyard, Belgium.-4.

Zivy Crater, Thelus, France.-1.

Zouave Valley Cemetery, Souchez, France.-2.

Zuydcoote Military Cemetery in France.-3.



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That is a phenomenal work Tom. Truly superb, I am sure it will be accessed by many Pals and visitors in the years to come and be of much worth to them.

Thank you for your superb commitment and generosity in producing and publishing this.



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No a bother Hendo, thank you kindly, there is no point in doing it and hiding it away.

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Top class research, great information across various categories - thank you for sharing.

Deserves to be published in book form for the general public.

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Thank you kindly pals. Very much appreciated.

Just one addition as kindly pointed out by KGB.

Where the South Irish Horse is listed under the Household Cavalry and Cavalry of the line (Including the Yeomanry and Imperial Camel Corps)- it is listed as the South Irish Horse, where it is listed as 7th Battalion, Royal Irish Regiment, it is listed with the Royal Irish Regiment.

Where the North Irish Horse is listed under the Household Cavalry and Cavalry of the line (Including the Yeomanry and Imperial Camel Corps)- it is listed as the North Irish Horse, where it is listed as 9th Battalion, Royal Irish Fusiliers it is listed with the Royal Irish Fusiliers). This is why their casualty numbers look small.

Kind regards.


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I take my hat off to you, only those of us who have struggled to catalogue large numbers of soldiers can really appreciate the magnitude of your work here. It has taken me 3 years to log 2000 men in the ADRIC, so I understand what you have done with 10s of thousands of men.

I must say that from time to time I did wonder what on earth you were up to with your misc. queries over the years :)

Could I suggest you consider publishing on https://www.academia.edu/ which would also give it a wider audience . It takes a bit of getting your head around their method, but I think it would be worth your while putting your work there too

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Thank you Corisande, I see we sing from the same hymn-sheet. Thanks for your suggestion about publishing, I will certainly keep it in mind.

Kind regards.


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