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Hi All

I have been working on a project since the 1990's to record the battalion patches (insofar as the 12 infantry battalions, pioneer battalion, 4 MG companies and 3 TMB's) of the British Army of the First World War.

My aim is to do a coloured patch chart for each division and produce a publishable work. I have consulted practically every book on the subject, visited military museums up and down the country as well as corresponding with them, visited the IWM on numerous occasions and joined various forum groups of which I received a great deal of help from this forum and especially from Arthur Brett.

Over the years I have amassed a lot of information and I am now about 80% complete, and am seeking information on the remaining 20%.

I am aware there is a book coming out in December by Dave Bilton on the badges of Kitchener's Army but the format that I am pursuing will be greatly different, and there is more than enough room for even more books on this sorely neglected subject. I am more than happy to collaborate with anyone who has been working along similar lines.

I therefore ask the members of this forum if they can help me in any way to complete this mammoth task, and I have a list of the units that I seek information on.

Members can contact me on the forum or by email - ken-fairclough@Hotmail.co.uk

Thank you.

Best regards


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