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William Henry Hewitt MGC 137562

Andrew Hewitt

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I know this may be a bit of a long shot, but I am sure it is worth a try.

I am trying to trace any photographs that relate to the 29th Battalion of the Machine Gun Corp.

After exhaustive research on behalf of many parties I have managed to visit my great-uncles grave in Belgium and to also visit the site of his death, but no pictures have survived the ravages of time and no family members have any recollection of there ever being any, that relate to William Henry Hewitt.

He died on the 15th of October 1918.

This is the last piece of the jigsaw and I thought perhaps someone may have a photo that may shed light on his actual appearance.

Many thanks.

Andrew Hewitt

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best advice I can give you (and I would suspect you know this) is a trawl of the local newspapers for any insertions around the time of joining and after his death. Time consuming but an outside chance...I know there is at least one member in my part of the world who is in the process of collating as many photos as he can and making them available to others, which is great. So, maybe someone similar in your or William's local area..

Anyway, hope this is in any way helpful,

regards and good luck,


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