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Chris Noble

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Taking a friend of mine to the Somme for the first time.

Hoping to walk the battlefield, weather permitting, allowing him to see the

offensive in some sort of a chronological fashion, i.e. first day, to last, if that makes sense! So, will be covering most areas of the Somme Battlefield. Any photo requests? Gonna be a bit busy, so, first come etc.

Regards, Chris.

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This is not a battlefield picture, so I know you may not have time to do it.

Caterpillar Valley Cemetery, Longueval. Cem. Ref. XVI B. 16

6th Battalion Northumberland Fusiliers T.F.

Pte. Matthew Baptist

No. 2401

Died 15/09/16

Age 19

This soldier had a brother John Baptist, also 6th Battalion Northumberland Fusiliers, who was killed in June 1916, also aged 19. I don't know if they were twins.

Anyway if Caterpillar Valley is anywhere near, I would really like a picture of Pte. Matthew Baptist's headstone.

Thank you for offering even if you can't do it.


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I could do with a photo of the Ancre valley area which shows the marshy land etc. Say, taken from the road that runs from Beaucourt to St Pierre Divion. Or thereabouts of course if you are pushed for time.

Thanks very much


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Kate, no problem,i'll take the picture.

Martin. If you drop me an e-mail just to clarify the specific location. Don't want to be photographing Trout fisherman on the Ancre :D

Kindest regards to you both.


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I have a photo of the Ancre taken this Septemeber from the little bridge close to where the D73 meets the D50 near Hamel. It may not be what you want but you are welcome to it - send me an e-mail and I'll forward it. You can imagine that it would not take much ground damage to turn the area into a swamp.

KF Kelly

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Thank you Chris

That would be wonderful if you can manage it.


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