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Feliks Leparsky Russian Olympian KIA 10.1.17


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Feliks Leparsky served with the Russian army during WW1 and was KIA 10.1.17-He fenced for Russia in the 1912 Stockholm Olympics. I have not been able to find a regiment or rank for him. a date of birth or a photograph. Any further information would be gratefully received. Many thanks. Nigel

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Thanks very much for that, as ever, I had the year not the rest, I didn't know he was a Captain however so thats a great help thanks very much. N

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Extracted translation from a list of Russian officers KIA

Nikolay Pavlovich , the lieutenant, the former District Commander of the 2nd section Gorbatovsky County. He was killed in the battle of Mlawa 28.02.1915g.Kuchurin Alexander Fedorovich , a lieutenant colonel, a graduate of Nizhny Novgorod Corps, killed in action on August 20 at Przemysl. Larch Ivan , lieutenant.Killed in action on the Romanian front 15.01.1917g. She buried at Holy Cross Cemetery. Lebedinsky Dmitry K. , a lieutenant, a graduate of the Nizhny Novgorod body. Killed near Wilno 25.10.1915g. Lelka Roman Petrovich , Ensign. Killed in the region of Dobrogea 07.10.1916g. Leparskaya Felix Zenovich captain, a graduate of the Nizhny Novgorod body. He was killed in a battle near Dobrogea 10.01.1917g. Lozinski Afanasievich Simon , a lieutenant, a graduate of the Nizhny Novgorod Cadet Corps. He was killed near the town of Brody 18.04.1915g., Funeral celebrated in the temple of the Hull on May 3. Loschenko Alexander Z. , Ensign. Killed 19.12.1915g. in the North-Western Front. Buried in the cemetery Kanavinsky F

Regards Ray

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