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Royal Scots book - Newspaper articles

alf mcm

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A local author, Jackie Calder published a book a few years ago, entitled ‘The Royal Scots 1860-1916’. It comprises transcripts of articles regarding the Royal Scots taken from the West Lothian Courier. This means that mention is usually made of men local to the West Lothian {then Linlithgowshire} area. The book is split into sections for men reported Killed, wounded, missing or prisoner-of-war.

As far as I know, the only publicly available copy of the volume is held in the West Lothian Local History Library in Linlithgow.

Jackie has given me permission to use excerpts from his book in reply to queries into individuals. If any forum member would like details on anyone mentioned, please let me know.


Alf McM

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The list below is one of two in the book, taken from the West Lothiian Courier.

10th Battalion Royal Scots 2nd October 1914 The following is the full list of all the officers, and men, in the Tenth Battalion, who volunteered for service abroad. Officers McDiarmid A. L Cpl Motor Cyclist Henderson M.W. Lieut Col Stirton A. L Cpl Simpson A.P. Major Stobie T. L Cpl Jackson E.D. Captain Adj. Stonehouse J. L Cpl Motor Cyclist Gray A.J. Captain Wemyss G. L Cpl Hutchison T.W. Captain White A. L Cpl Motor Cyclist Ogilvy S.G. Captain Adams J.L. Pte Sutherland D.T. Captain Ainslie J. Pte Wolfe G. Captain Allan J. Pte Anderson J.M.M. Lieut Anderson J. Pte Brown R.A. Lieut Anderson R. Pte Forsyth T. Lieut Baird G. Pte Kirk R. Lieut Baird J.D. Pte Kirsopp E.C.B. Lieut Bateman R. Pte Miller-Richard A. Lieut Best R. Pte Milne W. Lieut Beveridge W. Pte Mungle J. Lieut Blake J. Bugler Wright J. Lieut Bowie A. Pte Grassic G.L. Lieut Q.M. Att. From R.A.M.C. Brodie B. Pte Motor Transport Brown A. Pte Permanent Staff Cockburn W. Pte McKay W. Sgt Maj Conway R. Pte King T. Col Sgt Cunningham J Pte Dow R.M. Sergt Dalrymple J. Pte Drummond D. Sergt Dougal R. Pte Gillett C.J. Sergt Downie J. Pte Reid E. Sergt Drawbell J. Pte Duncan P. Pte Linlithgow Company Gentleman J. Pte McKay R. Cr Sgt Motor Cyclist Harvie D. Pte Cockburn R. Sergt Harvie J. Pte Cockburn T. Sergt Henderson D. Pte Crombie A. Sergt Hoggan J. Pte Gilroy T. Sergt Kerr A. Pte Marshall T. Sergt Manson J. Pte Milne A. Sergt Cook McAlpine J. Pte Lush W. Lance Sergt Motor Cyclist McGuire J. Pte Binnie J. Corpl McQueen P. Pte Clark J. Corpl Morris T. Pte Cunningham D. Corpl Morrison W. Pte Wilson R. Corpl Morton W. Pte Donnelly D.M. L Cpl Motor Cyclist Nicol J. Pte Jamieson R.A. L Cpl Motor Cyclist Old A. Pte Oliver R. Pte McCredie C. Pte O'Neil W. Pte McIntosh A. Pte O'Neill M. Pte Paterson W. Pte Ramsay J. Pte Porteous S. Pte Ritchie D. Pte Ritchie P. Pte Ritchie M. Pte Robb A. Pte Rodgers J. Pte Thomson A. Pte Sutherland L. Pte Motor Transport Thomson A. Pte Sutherland P. Pte Thomson J. Pte Walker J. Pte Thomson J. Pte Watson A. Pte Motor Transport Waters A. Pte Wilson M. Pte White L. Pte Younger A. Pte Whitelaw G. Pte Motor Transport Bo'ness Company Wilson C. Corpl Napier J. Q.M. Sgt More A. L Cpl Bell A. C Sgt Pollard W. L Cpl Ferrier J. Sergt Smith W. L Sergt Grant A. Sergt Allan J. Pte Martin T. Sergt Anderson A. Pte McCaig J. Sergt Bell J. Pte Stewart D.G. Sergt Boyd J. Pte Anderson A. Corpl Bradley J. Pte Grant W. Corpl Bradley W. Pte McHattie A. Corpl Campbell P. Pte Sinclair T. Corpl Col;e T. Pte Allison J. L Cpl Colquhoun G. Pte Gardner G. L Cpl Currie J. Pte Hay A. L Cpl Fraser J. Pte Lowrie D. L Cpl Frisky ? Pte Mitchell J.A.A. L Cpl Furness R. Pte Stanners G. L Cpl Geddes A. Pte Wylie J. L Cpl Goorge G. Pte Bell G. Pte Gray A. Pte Bell J. Pte Hannah J. Pte Bell P. Pte Hannah J. Pte Machine Gunner Boslem D. Pte Holt D. Pte Boyle J. Pte Holt W. Pte Cameron T. Pte Hughes H. Pte Clark W. Pte Imrie J. Pte Cunningham A. Pte Knox R. Pte Devlin A. Pte Love J. Pte Flanaghan J. Pte MacKay R. Pte Grant J. Pte McCann T. Pte Grant J.C. Pte McKinnon R. Pte Gray J. Pte Meek G. Pte Hannah H. Pte Mitchell G. Pte Henry W. Pte Moore S. Pte Inglis A. Pte Munn T. Pte Joyhnston J. Pte Murray J. Pte Liddle T. Pte Penman P. Pte Lowrie D. Pte Robertson J. Pte Mackie J. Pte Sheriff W. Pte Mains R. Pte Sim W. Pte McCallum A. Pte Sim W. Pte Mulholland J. Pte Smart A. Pte Motor Transport Murray J. Pte Solan R. Pte Nelson J. Pte Strang J. Pte Prentice W. Pte Tennant D. Pte Reekie G. Pte Turner G. Pte Reekie J. Pte Turner J. Pte Reid J. Pte Wardrop F. Pte Reid S. Pte White W. Pte Samuel J. Pte Bathgate Company Smith J.J. Pte Fisher T. Sergt Somerville R. Pte Hunter W. Sergt Tallons W. Pte Marrs J. L Sgt Whitefield A. Pte Chapman D. Corpl Whitefield D. Pte Lawler J. L Cpl Whitefield J. Pte Russell A. L Cpl Armadale Company Simpson R. L Cpl Smith W. Cr Sgt Smith J. L Cpl Armour R. Sergt Tennant A. L Cpl Marrs T. Sergt Aitchison T.W. Pte Motor Cyclist More R. Sergt Baillie W.H. Pte McLaren D. Corpl Binning T. Pte Watson J. Corpl Bonar E. Pte Brannan M. Pte Porteous F. Pte Broom A. Pte Reid W. Pte Calder T. Pte Rennie D. Pte Carruthers H. Pte Stark W. Pte Clarkson E. Pte Warrington D. Pte Davies A.E. Pte Watson J.C. Pte Motor Transport Dick T. Pte Weir R. Pte Duff J. Pte Wilson A. Pte Farmer W.M.D. Pte Motor Cyclist Wilson G. Pte Fleming A. Pte Young A. Pte Fleming J. Pte West Calder Company Fleming J. Pte Collins J. Cr Sergt Galbraith T.W. Pte Potter W. Sergt Gordon J. Pte Wilson J. Sergt Henderson T. Bugler Wilson R. Sergt Hutton A. Pte Brash A. Corpl Johnston J. Pte Gowans D. Corpl Johnston P. Pte Wood J. Corpl Lees P. Pte Mann G. L Cpl Livingston D. Pte Meikle W. L Cpl Marr J. Pte Wilson C. L Cpl McBride J. Pte Wilson J. L Cpl McCartney P Pte Haldane W. Bugler McLean G. Pte Allan A. Pte McLean W. Pte Arnott W. Pte Watson A. Pte Bowman J. Pte Whigham J. Pte Bowmon J. Pte Wilson J. Pte Collins J. Pte Uphall Company Connell J. Pte Nicol J. Cr Sgt Crookston D. Pte Cook A. Sergt Daly A. Pte Nicol W. Sergt Daly W. Pte Roe J. Sergt Dempster W. Pte Wood R. Sergt Dougan H. Pte Currie W. Corpl Douglas J. Pte Heriot J. Corpl Elliot R. Pte Murdoch J. Corpl Ferrier C. Pte Yorstoun J. Corpl Fotheringham C. Pte Motor Transport Chambers H. L Cpl Gillespie F. Pte Porteous J. L Cpl Greeney J. Pte Alexander J. Pte Greig T. Pte Allan J. Pte Hogg G. Pte Baird T. Pte Irving W.B. Pte Motor Cyclist Beveridge R. Pte Jamieson R. Pte Blair S. Pte Kane W. Pte Boag G. Pte Lawson R. Pte Brown W. Pte Logan J. Pte Brownlie R. Pte Matchett S. Pte Creelman J. Pte McElroy A. Pte Dickson J. Pte McGowan T. Pte Docherty P. Pte Miller J. Pte Dutton J. Pte Montgomery J. Pte Galloway J. Pte Mushet H. Pte Grant R. Pte Nelson J. Pte Hamiltion A. Pte Pryde J. Pte Hardie D. Pte Rafferty O Pte Hardie D. Pte Rutherford G. Pte Hardie J. Pte Seggie R. Pte Hope A. Pte Spiers J. Pte Innes W. Pte Mackie D. Pte Linton J. Pte Paris C. Pte Meechan J. Pte Weir J. Pte Nicol R. Pte Fauldhouse Company Kirkliston Company Russell W. Cr Sergt Johnston R.D. Cr Sergt Foster E. Sergt Allan S. Sergt Martin T. Sergt Drummond D. Sergt McLaren R. Sergt Gray W. Sergt Meikle D. Sergt Yates J. Sergt Cosgrove G. Sgt Bgr Black J. Corpl Owen J. Corpl Fettes W. Corpl Allan R. L Cpl Buchanan H. L Cpl Motor Cyclist Butler W. L Cpl Duncan P. L Cpl Calderwood J. L Cpl Motor Cyclist Fingland H. L Cpl Motor Cyclist Gallaoway J. L Cpl Machine Gunner Mason P. L Cpl McCallum D. L Cpl Meikle A. L Cpl Paxton J. L Cpl Allan G. Pte Wilson C. L Cpl Allan T. Pte Wilson W. L Cpl Arbuckle R. Pte Campbell J. Bugler Battison G. Pte Motor Transport Adamson J. Pte Campbell J. Pte Allan T. Pte Machine Gunner Clarkson E. Pte Anderson J. Pte Machine Gunner Connelly M. Pte Bryce S. Pte Douglas J. Pte Callun J Pte Ferguson G. Pte Campbell G. Pte Machine Gunner Forbes H. Pte Cooper J. Pte Machine Gunner Fraser D. Pte Crawford J Pte Livingstone J. Pte Devlin W. Pte Martin G. Pte Dodds A. Pte Mason J. Pte Donald N. Pte McKinlay W. Pte Foster W. Pte Meikle W. Pte Glasgow J. Pte Machine Gunner Moodie C. Pte Gordon R. Pte Motor Transport Penman J. Pte Motor Transport Graham R. Pte Rarity D. Pte Hardie D. Pte Machine Gunner Reeder D. Pte Hunter J. Pte Machine Gunner Reid A. Pte Low J. Pte Ritchie R. Pte Mack T. Pte Scott J. Pte McCallum H. Pte Shepherd R. Pte McKay O. Pte Machine Gunner Stewart R. Pte McKenzie J. Pte Machine Gunner Watson C. Pte McLeod L. Pte McNight A. Pte Murphy J. Pte Machine Gunner Neilson A. Pte Nimmo D. Pte Pollock J. Pte Machine Gunner Ramsay A. Pte Ramsay Arch Pte Machine Gunner Ramsay W. Pte Machine Gunner Redpath R. Pte Rowland W. Pte Smellie J. Pte Smith T. Pte Somerville G. Pte Stirling W. Pte Wallace R. Pte Walters H. Pte Watson C. Pte Wilson R. Pte Motor Cyclist Young ? Pte


Alf McM

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This is the other list, published on 30th October 1914.

10th Battalion Royal Scots We publish below a full list of the officers and men of the 10th Reserve Battalion Royal Scots, who are presently billeted in Bathgate. 30th Oct 1914 The Officers Peterkins E. Col Dudgeon W.C. Maj Nelson A.A.C. Maj Mason J. Cap Forbes A. Cap Allan W. Cap Johnston J.T. Lt. Brock Sydney E .Lt Wakelin H. Lt Stuart A.A. Lt Campbell J.P. Cap Robertson A. Lt Main N.S. Lt Thom F. Lt McLaren ? Lt Henderson J.R. Lt No 1 Company Ainsle T. Ley T. Stein G. Hammond H. Smith C. Anderson J. Macrady J. Stevenson C. Hay W. Sneddon T. Baird A.T. Mallon H. Stirton J. Henderson J. Sneddon T. Barclay G. Marshall D. Thomson W. Hill E. Somerville R. Bathgate A. Meikle R. Waldridge J. Jamieson J. Stenhouse J. Beveridge G. Moreland A. Walker A. Kafferty A. Stevons A. Beveridge R. Muir A. Walker A. King J. Stokes E.H. Birnie D. McAlpine T. Watson W. King R. Thomson G. Blain A. McAndrew G. Weir W.F. Laverty J. Thomson J. Borthwick C. McCabe R. White J. Marshall T. Tireney J. Branders J. McCormack P. Yates R. Mason J. Watson F. Brodie H. McCrystal J. Young D. Mawdsley H. Wells C. Brown J. McCuloch R. Young R. Middleton D. Woods G. Bruce P.H. McGowan J. Middleton J. Young J. Bryant R. McGowan P. No 2 Company Melville J. Young A. Burns J. McIntyre D. Mitchell J. Yates W. Campbell W. McKay T. Allan W. Mochrie W. Clark Jas Mckinlay J. Alexander R. Muldoon A. No 3 Company Clark John McNair D. Begbie A. Mackay D. Crisp W. McNair A. Begbie A. MacKintosh H. Armstrong W. Davidson J. McPherson D. Begbie J. McAndrew J.H. Arthur J. Elliot A. Neilands W. Bell H. McBeth J. Baxter R. Erskine R.H. Newbigging J. Bell R. McCabe J. Bennett J. Fairley J. Newlands T. Bell J. McCallum A. Brown J. Fiddler E. Oliver W.S. Breslin C. McGougan J. Brown J. Fleming A. Orr A. Broom J.D. McGougan G. Brown J. Fleming R. Oswald D. Broome H. McKenzie A. Brown A. Gallacher J. O'Donnell H.T. Broome W.W. McLean A. Brown J. Gilmour J. O'Neil J. Cameron D. Neish J. Brown L. Grant J. O'Neil J. Campbell S. Niven S. Bryce D. Gray A. Provan J. Cooper J. Palkins J.C. Calder J. Grozier A. Provan J. Cowan R. Paterson D. Campbell D. Hamilton W. Raeburn J. Cowan G. Paterson J. Campbell J. Hardie J. Ramsay R. Crocket D. Pow W. Carse S. Hardie G. Ritchie R. Dickson W. Ravie D. Casey J. Harvie W. Ritchie A.K. Drummond P.F. Reid J. Clark W. Henderson R. Ritchie G. Duncan G. Roberts J. Clark A. Hill J. Robertson P. Elliot H. Robertson D. Clark J. Hogg W. Russell W. Falconer D. Rutherford T. Cleeton H. Holmes J.D. Salmond H. Fettes A. Rutherford J. Cook J. Hughes J. Shedden J.C. Findlay W. Ruthven W. Coyle E. Johnston H. Shields J. Forrest J. Russell R. Cruiskshanks A. Kenny J. Simpson J. Gibb T. Scott J. Cummings A. Kerr F. Smith C. Gillon H. Simpson T. Cumming P. Kilbride J. Smith W. Haggerty J. Simpson J. Donachie T. Lamont D. Stanley A. Hamilton G. Sinclair A. Edmonston W. Edmonston R. Russell T. Galloway W. Simpson A. Edwards E. Salmond G. Gardiner G. Stirling T. Fairley J. Scott J. Gartshore G. Strathearn J. Farquhar J. Sim W. Gray D. Taylor J. Flannigan P. Simpson T. Greenhorn A. Tennant W. Forrester W. Smellie T. Greens J. Thom T. Forrester D. Smith J. Grieve A. Timothy C. Forgie A. Smith G. Gribben J. Tinney P. Forgie W. Smillie H. Hamilton G. Turner R. Forsyth J. Sneddon ? Harrison A. Valentine J. Gilchrist L. Sneddon G. Harris P. Vassie J. Gilchrist D. Splatt T. Harkins D. Vassie A. Graham G. Stirton J. Hastie R. Vassie W. Grant J. Sykes J. Hutchison A. Wallace W. Hamilton J. Tennant S. Inglis G. Wallace G. Hamilton J. Thomson A. Jack J. Wardlaw J. Hannah R. Thomson W. Jamieson A. Waugh A. Hampson W. Troup W. Jenkins J. Weston R. Half J. Vallance G. Johnstone W. Wilson T. Hendry J. Walker T. Keenan J. Wilson W. Hendry W. Wallace J. Kerr G. Young M. Jamieson J. Wood J. Kyle R. Kelly J. Wood R. Lafferty H. Kerr J. Watson J. Marshall J. Kerr T. Watson W. Marshall E. Kerr W. Wilson J. Mason R. Lee C. Wilson J. Millar G. Liddle W. Wyse M. Morris T. Loch D. McArdle L. Malcolm J. No 4 Company McComisky H. Marshall A. McCracken W. Meek J. Aitken M. McKechnie H. Meek T. Anderson J. McKenzie J. Mighton H. Arthur J. McMillan H. Miller A. Auld A. Nelson A. Mutter C. Baynham W. Nicholson J. McCord A. Black R. Nicol R. McGovern W. Binnie J. Newton G. MacLern A. Bingham J. O'Hara J. McKenzie J. Biset A.M. Parker A. McKinnon H. Bradley H. Paterson J. McKinnon G. Brodie J. Paterson W. McMillan R. Brodie A. Pearson J. McNeil R. Brown J. Pirret W. Nicol G. Brown P. Pollock T. Orr J. Boyd G. Renton J. Paris G. Cairns C. Renton R. Philip J. Carruthers W. Rice J. Potter W. Conway J. Roden W. Prentice S. Cosgrove T. Saidler W. Purdie J. Davidson J. Scott J. Ramsay G. Dickson A. Sell W. Reid R. Docherty T. Shanks G. Riddell A. Dunlop J. Shaw J. Rooney R. Dwyer J. Shaw R. Robertson G. Farquhar J. Shepherd J. Robertson S. Fleming W. Sheriff J. Robertson J. Forrest J. Shields W. Rourty J. Fraser P. Smith W. Ross M. Fraser J. Smith C.


Alf McM

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Very interesting Alf.

I hope you are not having to transcribe it a second time. Are there bn sections as above for 10th? I'm researching 9th Royal Scots and am putting together an index, any and all information would be most welcome, as long as it is not an inconvenience to yourself.

Specifically I have 14 hits to West Lothian, but I wouldn't expect you to trawl for them: Alexander Begbie was in the West Lothian Courier 18-May-17 (d.21-Apr-17); John Mackenzie Bell was from Bo'ness (d.28-Mar-18); John Brown (352331) was also from Bo'ness (d.9-Apr-17); E. Ezzi from Bathgate (d.1-Aug-18); John Harkness from Dalmeny (d.21-May-17); John Thomas Johnston from Bathgate (d.27-May-17) attd [he is in your 10th Bn list above]; John B. Lamont from Bo'ness; Robert Lawrie from Bathgate (d.20-Sep-17); Thomas Logan from Broxburn (d.8-Apr-20); Kenneth McAlpine from Armadale (d.23-Apr-17); George McCosh from West Calder; Peter Mitchell Monteith from Bathgate; James William Harvie Steuart born Broxburn (d.12-May-20); Thomas White from Bo'ness (d.10-Apr-17)

This has prompted me to look a little more at Ezzi!



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There are no other Battalion lists in the book. I have a specially scanned copy of the book to work from, which makes things easier. With regards to your queries, the results I have are as follows;-


18th MAY 1917


Private Alexander Begbie, Royal Scots, eldest son of Mr and Mrs Begbie, South Queensferry, and grandson of Mr H Findlay, Seafield, Bathgate. He was killed in action on 21st April. He was in his 19th year.

21st April 1917

War Grave Ref. Bay 1 and 2

Arras Memorial

He may be the same person mentioned on this list of wounded.

27th OCTOBER 1916

Pte J.E. Fleming 289 Linlithgow – Pte T King 2847 Bo’ness – Pte T Baillie 2473 Bo’ness – Pte A Begbie 2115 South Queensferry – Pte W. W. Broom 2124 Bo’ness – Pte T Robb 2931 Bo’ness – Pte W MacKee 3324 Broxburn – Pte J Moodie 27905 South Queensferry – L/Sgt J Muir 20208 Fauldhouse – Pte A Paxton 16709 Fauldhouse – Pte W White 16645 West Calder – Pte W.B. Meikle 2850 Bo’ness – Pte George Coutts Broxburn


JOHN BROWN – No details


30th AUGUST 1918


On Saturday, Mr and Mrs Ezzi, Whitburn Road, Bathgate, was officially informed that their son, Private Emile Ezzi, had been killed in action in France on 1st August.

Writing to Mrs Ezzie, under date August 20thm Chaplain A. Robertson, Royal Scots, says: - Dear Mrs Ezzi, I am sorry to have to convey to you the sad news of the death in action of your son, Pte E. Ezzi. I have been prevented from writing to you so promptly as I would have done because of the large list of casualties. His Battalion was engaged in the very heavy fighting in the south, and suffered many casualties there. Along with many others, your son was killed by heavy shell in an attack made by us on 1st August near Buzancy Village, south of Soissons. He died the death of a brave man, as they all played a gallant part that day. His comrades in the Battalion all extend to you their deepest sympathy with you in your hour of sorrow. We trust that you and the other members of your household will be strengthened to endure patiently this trial, and that you may be comforted by God himself. Who alone can turn this time of distress into a period of blessing hereafter. I should mention that the dead were buried together in a corner of the battlefield, and the place was marked by a cross.

Private Ezzi was in his 22nd year. He joined the H.L.I. on 23rd October 1917, on 30th March this year he was drafted to France, and transferred to the Royal Scots. Another son of Mr and Mrs Ezzi is in training with the H.L.I. in Scotland.

1st August 1918

War Grave Ref. ID4

Raperie British Cemetery Villemontoire

JOHN HARKNESS – No details


1st JUNE 1917


Last night official word was received that Captain Joined Thomas Johnston, of Pottishaw, who resides in Marchwood, Bathgate, has been killed in action on Sabbath 27th May. Deceased, who was in the 26th year of his age, joined the Volunteer Force some seven years ago, as a Lieutenant in the Fauldhouse Company. He was until a little over a month ago, acting on duty on the East Coast with the rank of Captain. He was drafted on active duty to France about five weeks ago.

The deceased was the only son of the late Mr Johnston, formerly of the Bathgate National Bank, and his mother, Mrs Johnston, who survives him. Like his father, he leaves a widow and one child, foe whom, as also his mother, deep sympathy is felt.

The following letter has been received by Mrs Johnston, Marchwood.

France 28th May 1917

Dear Mrs Johnston

It is with deep sorrow that I write particulars of John’s death. He was killed yesterday morning about 10 o’clock, by shell fire, and death must have been instantaneous. He was buried this morning at 0 o’clock. At the time of death he was with his Company in the front line, and was in the Company Headquarters when the shell landed on the top and hit him in many places on the chest. The news of his death came as a great shock to me, as the night previous he had relieved my Company in the line, and I remained with him till 1.30 the same morning. Will you please accept my sincere sympathy in your great loss, and convey the same to his and your own relatives. In him I have lost a great friend. If there are any further particulars, which you would like to know, I will do my utmost to endeavour to obtain them if you will let me know.

Yours sincerely

Harry Waklin 3-6-17

JOHN B. LAMONT– No details


12th AUGUST 1917


Private R Lawrie, Royal Scots, son of Mr Thomson Lawrie, Bridgend Bathgate, is notified killed in action on 20th September. He served his time as a clerk in the goods office, Upper Bathgate Station, and then went to Shettleston, at which station he was when, in June 1916, he joined up. He went to France in October 1916. He was the recipient of an official card signed by Major-General George Harper, congratulating the young soldier on the gallantry displayed by him on 23rd April 1917.

Sergeant-Major D Walker, writing under date 25th September, to Mr Lawrie says: -

Dear Mr Lawrie, it is with the deepest regret that I have to break the painful news to you that your son Robert was killed in action on 20th September. The battalion was taking part in an attack upon the enemy’s positions and our company had arrived at its objective when a shell burst and a small piece struck Robert in the forehead, killing him instantaneously. It may be a little comfort to know that he never suffered any pain, as he passed away immediately. Robert acted as batman to me, and assisted in the Sergeant’s Mess, and I can assure you he was a great favourite with us all, and the sergeants all joined with me in sending their deepest sympathy to you in your great loss D Walker Sergt-Maj.

20th September 1917

War Grave Ref. Panel 11 to 14 and 162

Tyne Cot Memorial

THOMAS LOGAN– No details


18th MAY 1817


Mr W. McAlpine, Unity Terrace, Armadale, has received official intimation that his son, private Kenneth McAlpine, Royal Scots, was wounded on 23rd April, and admitted to hospital. No further official details are given.

8th JUNE 1917


Mr and Mrs W McAlpine, Unity Terrace, Armadale, have received official intimation that5 their son, Pte Kenneth McAlpine, Royal Scots, has been reported wounded and missing.

GEORGE MCCOSH – No details



THOMAS WHITE – No details

The dates above each name are when the article appeared in the Courier. The author has added cemetery details for those who were killed.


Alf McM

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Fantastic, thank you very much for the hard work Alf. That is a great deal of detail.

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Thanks again for this Alf. I've had a proper chance to look at it now. Just for anyone following on: the wounded A. Begbie could be the same man when he as 10th RS (9th RS 2115 is D.B. Gardner); Harry Waklin is probably Capt. Harry Wakelin MC.

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