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Remembered Today:

More interesting than expected 14/15 star

Jerry B

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A recent pick up of a 14/15 star to a john Lewis of the Welsh regiment #24147 which had not been researched. I was pleased to find out he 16th Bn the Welsh regiment, the Cardiff City service battalion sometimes known as the 2nd Cardiff Pals or more often as the Cardiff Boys. They were raised in November 1914 to January 1915, he enlisted on January 19th 1915 and arrived in France 5th of December 1915 and would have seen action at Mametz wood when the Bn suffered very badly.

He was later transferred to the SW borderers, probably early in 1918 when the Bn was disbanded and was attached to the 4th Mons Bn, under #47494 for both the Bords and the mons.

He was discharged not long after with a war badge #364303 on 26 april 1918 under Army order 265/17 paragraph 2 Ai, After service overseas in the armed forces of the Crown, on account of disablement or ill health caused otherwise than by misconduct.

Good to have for me as I am from Cardiff and also it was in Cardiff that I purchased it, so all in all a very pleasing addition to my great war medals collection, though I have not so far been able to find out if he was wounded, though it seems likely that he was and also where he was from originally as John lewis is a quite commonly seen name.

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Common as you say. Caught my attention 'cos mam's eldest brother John Lewis, also his father, and grandfather.

Maybe further back don't know yet. Mam's brother would not have the star though just VM & BWM.

Great find for you. Well done.

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