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Remembered Today:

Trying to identify a Canadian WW1 shell


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Hi all,

I just inherited a shell casing. Grand pa worked at the Dominion Arsenal at the Parc de l'Artillerie in Québec City during the Great War. He collected a few items at the end of the war. I already have a couple complete 18-pdr, which I love a lot!

Now, the last piece I inherited last week is a larger shell than the 18-pdr. I measured it, it is 6 inch diameter at the base, and 16 inch tall (casing only). I guess it makes it a 120mm?

Based on the stamps, I believe it is a 1917 one, but I am not an expert!

So I am hoping that someone here (and I see a lot of members who know so much!) can help me with additional information. Like, what is that KII mark? And the 15/12?

I add a photo of the markings, hoping to learn more about it.




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Ohhhhh it seems to be exactly that, MikB :-) Thank you!

Now I lined up my modest collection (I know what they all are now).
And a bottom view of the Howitzer one (that Grand Pa turned into a tobacco case).

Thanks again!




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