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Royal Engineers History 3 Volumes WW1


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This is to document some information I found out recently which was not immediately apparent.

There are currently twelve volumes available in the series History of the Corps of Royal Engineers

There are three volumes relating to the Great War which are

Volume V: The Home Front, France, Flanders and Italy in the First World War.

Volume VI: Gallipoli, Macedonia, Egypt and Palestine 1914-18.

Volume VII: Campaigns in Mesopotamia and East Africa, and the inter-war period, 1918-38.

These volumes were all edited by H.L. Pritchard, and first published 1952.

Current copies may be purchased from the Institution of Royal Engineers.





Edit: Volume VI does not include information about Signals as "The history of their work is being produced by the Royal Corps of Signals themselves"[2], so it is likely the other volumes for the WW1 period similarly do not include information about Signals.

Footnote 2: 

 michaeldr. Royal Engineers soldier abandoned in Gallipoli Great War Forum 29 June 2017. Retrieved 30 June 2017.

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