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Arthur Douglas Crease Letters, Diaries and Scrapbooks

Ken S.

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For whatever reason I can't get my transcription to save; this is my transcription of image 652; if somebody else can add it, it would be greatly appreciated:

In the bottom left-corner of tunic a field dressing or shell dressing
was sewn into the lining – The was a small or large bandage
with or without an ampoule of Iodine .

In the haversack was always carried (in a cotton bag)
the "Iron Ration" consisting of 1 lb tin of "Bully" Beef
10 oz [?] of ration biscuits + at first an "oval tin" containing
tea + sugar. This latter was discontinued - The
biscuits were invariably ground to powder + unedable .

I always used to carry cheese instead of beef as it
caused less thirst


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