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Modern Russian Television Series 2012 on Chapaev WWI and 1917 Revoluti

John Gilinsky

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Finally: a modern well funded decently costumed and even somewhat balanced portrayals including Tsarist officers junior and senior [ ! ] depicting in detail the Eastern Front focussing on Chapaev's WWI activities and including the 1917 Russian Revolution(s) on the South-Western Front. The Russian Imperial 326th. Regiment is portrayed in this extensive TV series posted on YouTube here:

Chapaev World War I years
Great modern filming in Russian language NO subtitles NO dubbing showing in great detail Russian 326th Infantry Regiment's actions focusing on the year 1916
Youtube Episodes 9 to 12 [ 4 episodes ] total run time: 6 hours 37 minutes 12 seconds
Includes the February Revolution and Provisional Government attempt to continue the war and its impacts on this regiment
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Dramatic stuff !

Skimmed through and looked at one episode of combat. Presumably featuring Austro Hungarian foes ?

Thanks for the link.

Phil ( PJA )

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Yes: Russians vs AH troops. Simply by using modern cinematic technologies (digital, "roving cameras", etc...) and a time lapse from the 1989 - 1991 dissolution of the USSR (quarter of century) plus WWI centenary motivations this series almost certainly motivated if not assisted as well by modern day Russian re-enactors along with the current "Russian nationalism" goes a fair way in compensating for the generational absences of Russian cinematic cultural recognition of this conflict and its consequences.


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Other Russian movies of the period that are on youtube:


Lenin in 1918

The Admiral

Romanovs an Imperial Family

Parts of :

We are from Kronstadt

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