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The following snippet was found in an Australian Newspaper - "The Inglewood Advertiser", 21st March 1916 - perhaps someone knows if it's true!!

"Corporal Richard Davies, of Bloxwich, North of England, owes his life to the fact that his heart is on the wrong side. A bullet went through the place where his heart ought to have been, and the doctors were puzzled by his living until they found that his heart was on the other side. The bullet passed through his left lung, but he has recovered."

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I cannot comment on whether this story is true or not, but can confirm that is possible. There are people born with their heart located to the right, rather than the left of their chest cavity. Just as a matter of interest for you, if you attempt an ECG tracing on a person with a right sided heart, the tracing will appear upside down, or at least that is what I was told when took my ECG recordist course whilst in the RAF.



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