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AVLs for Glamorganshire on FamilySearch [Absent Voters Lists]


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Absent voters Lists for Glamorganshire, Wales are available as unidexed images on FamilySearch (free website)

These are catalogued as

Absent voters list, 1920, Autumn registers

Absent voters list, 1921, Spring register

Absent voters list, 1924, Spring register


Click on “Browse through... images” then on Glamorganshire, and scroll down to the last three categories of records.

I have not accessed these records myself, so can’t comment further.



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They are typical electoral rolls, burgess rolls, AVLs etc. I'd love to have an online resource like this for Berkshire (it would save me some trips to the county record office).

1920 is a little late to be of much use to researchers of war memorial names - but the 1918 register of electors would be of some use. Sadly Berkshire (my area) does not have AVLs that survive, but, like Glamorgan, absent voters are recorded in 1918 in the main electoral roll - the letters NM alongside a name indicates a Naval or Military elector.

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I have checked them out.

They are the Absent Voters for Swansea West Division and contain about 150 names per year on 4 images each for 1920 and 1921. (anyone interested pm me)

The list of electors for Swansea West for 1918 and 1919 are also on there. I have checked the back for AVLs and some random pages through out. Nil AVL I'm afraid.

I haven't checked any of the other rolls on there to see whether the title Glamorganshire is justified by FamilySearch. From what I have seen it is one Parliamentary Division in Glamorganshire i. e Swansea West. Maybe they intend putting some more on for the County.

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