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Capt A Parrott, Yorkshire Regiment. Who he?


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The Army List for December 1917 notes the attachment of this man to 6th Cheshires from the Yorkshire Regiment. He is not mentioned in the war diary or battalion history and I can't find a MIC or officer file for him. Assuming that the List is correct, then my guess is that this must have been a brief attachment to the Cheshires second or third line battalion.

If possible, I'd like to ID him and wonder if any Yorkshire Regiment specialists have come across him?



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He is on the BWM and VM roll showing attachment to the Devonshire Regiment (battalion is not specified).

No mention of him in the Devonshire Regiment history. MG

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His medal index card gives his service number in King's (Liverpool) Regt. as 10006, and Lieutenant in 2/6th Bn. Devonshire Regt., also Yorkshire Regt.

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This is his career via the London Gazette:-

Gazetted 2nd Lt. as post #3

Promoted Lt. 10.6.1915, Regular Forces, The Yorkshire Regt.


The following two notifications were under Territorial Force. The first refers to comdg. a Co. in the Cheshire Regt. but was substituted by a later notification for the Devonshire Regt., effective the same date 16.9.1917, so it would appear the secondment to the Cheshire Regt. was in error.

https://www.thegazette.co.uk/London/issue/30397/supplement/12291 heading on page 12290


Notification regarding actg. Capt. whilst commanding a Co. from 27.3.1917 - 5.8.1917


Ceased to command a Co. of 6th Bn. Devonshire Regt. 6.10.1918. This notification under Territorial Force.


Commanding a Co. of the Devonshire Regt. 10.12.1918. This notification under Territorial Force.


Seconded for service on the Staff 1.1.1920.


To be Captain 1.10.1920 and remain seconded


Relinquished Staff appointment 24.3.1922


Restored to the establishment of the Green Howards 13.10.1922


Placed on retired pay and granted the rank of Major 19.6.1933


Ceased to belong to the Reserve of Officers 19.6.1938


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The 1911 Census lists Corporal Albert Parrott, age 22, 2nd Bn. King's Regt., born St. Mary's, Taunton Somerset. The Battalion was stationed in India. His birth year can be implied as about 1888.

the peerage.com lists a reference to Capt. Albert Parrott of the Green Howards marrying Frances Gwendolen Heathcote in 1921. The marriage does not appear to have been in England or Wales.

Frances Gwendolen Heathcote was the daughter of Col. Charles George Heathcote who died in 1924.

An announcement was published in The Times of Monday, 22.1.1945 regarding the death in action, in North West Europe, of Capt. David William Parrott, Royal Artillery, aged 22 years, only son of Major and Mrs. Parrott, 2, Hatfield Road, Northallerton, Yorkshire. The C.W.G.C. record for Capt. David William Parrott, buried Bergen-Op-Zoom Military Cemetery gives his parents details as Albert and Gwendolen Frances Parrott of Northallerton, Yorkshire.

Albert Parrott died in 1978, quarter 1, Winchester, Hampshire District, aged 87 years.

Frances Gwendolen Parrott died 1981, Winchester, Hampshire District, aged 91 years.

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The birth of an Albert Parrott at Taunton in 1890 is listed in the General Registrars Office Regimental Birth Index. His father was serving in the 13th Foot.

The GRO persisted with using the pre-Haldane reform numbering. The 13th Foot had by then become the Somerset Light Infantry.

On the 1891 census there is a Staff Sergeant Patrick Parrott of the Somerset Light Infantry, aged 36 who is recorded in what appears to be married NCO’s quarters at Rushton, Taunton. His wife is the 27 year old Martha, from an indecipherable place (Belhabet?) but also in Ireland. They have three children living with them:-

William……………aged 4……………....born Dublin

Hugh Edward….....aged 2……………....born Colchester

Edmund…………...aged 10 months…...born Taunton

Going forward to the 1901 census a 43 year old Patrick Parrott, an Insurance Agent from Ireland, is recorded as the married head of the household at 34 MacKenzie Street, Everton, Liverpool. He lives there with his 37 year old wife Martha, born Ireland and their 5 children.

William, 14 and born Ireland, is working as a Shipping Clerk.

Hugh, 12 and born Colchester

Albert, 10 and born Taunton

Harold, 8 and born Gibraltar

Mary M,3 and born Manchester.

Why Albert was recorded as Edmund on the 1891 census for now is a mystery. Strangely there is no Albert or Edmund in the civil records for Somerset from the likely period of his birth +/- 2 years.

On the 1911 census, Frances Gwendolen, 21, is part of the large household of her parents, Major Charles George Heathcote, (Army – retired) and Lucy Lyttleton Heathcote at Beechwood, Bartley, Southampton Hampshire. Frances was born Hursley, Hampshire.

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Many thanks all - your efforts are much appreciated.

I think the info at post #5 confrims my suspicion that the Army List attachment to 6/Cheshire was an error.


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