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Guest Winterbloom

I'm cheating a little here because the question I want to ask relates to a time that is slightly post-war, ie 1922. However, both the ship and the crew had already been through the war and I would be grateful for any information whatsoever about its history.

Specifically, I have a photograph of the crew of this ship in Rome in 1922. My grandfather was serving on the ship and is included in the photo, as are a number of dignitaries in the front row, both from the church and other military men (one of whom seems to be wearing what is possibly a Victoria Cross).

I understand that this was the ship that rescued Prince Philip and his family from Greece in December 1922 and took them to Italy. If anyone can give me any information at all about this photo, the people in it, or stories about the ship, I would really appreciate it. I am still trying to identify the building behind the crew and have written in hope to the photographic firm that took it, in the hope that they may have something in their archives. The picture is actually a huge panoramic one, but I am including just the centre section here, as it contains the most interesting bits, including my Grandad!


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