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Thank you Frogsmile! Do you know anyone in South Africa - or failing that, New Zealand? Pity, I was in England recently!

Sue I have sent you a PM. Could not find any in SA, but included one each from AUS and NZ.

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Wendy - I thought as much when I later read through the application form for the medal. Thanks for the advice re replicas.

I wonder if it would be possible to find out if his attestation sheet is still in the file.

Most likely they are missing for good.

On a rear occasion I have found a random page accidently digitised to the wrong soldiers service file.

Check the soldier on either side of Andrews name alphabetically on the off chance that a sheet may be in the other soldiers digitised file.


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Here is a British War medal for sale named to AG Nicholson NZEF.

Over on the British Medals forum they always suggest making groups with real medals rather than replicas.

You have to be comfortable with that though, I made up two family groups with other soldiers medals until I found and purchased my family original medals (took over twenty years).

I was a bit iffy about using other soldiers named originals and posing them as they were my great uncles. I had to look at it from the view that I was the care taker of the medals.

Saying that I'm now going to make up a group of seven for my GG Uncle C H BOULD that include South Africa medals and some hard to find New Zealand medals so will have to go with replicas as named originals are way to expensive. (His brothers medals sold recently in Aussie)

The link to Nicholson medal is to Geoffrey Oldham site a very reputed trader and collector in New Zealand. He has also published books on medals.

It was this site I saw some medals available in silver, like the BWM. They seem to all be sold. They were priced from $90 to $135 NZD.

Just found the silver medals, looks like they are mainly New Zealand Long and Efficient Service Medals [sterling silver] $112 and older Territorial medals.


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Hello Wendy

Thanks for that tip - I will check the files next to Andrews anyway. His attestation paper was in his file - I didn't see it initially...


Interesting thoughts on the medals - I would feel the same about taking someone else's - but I like your take on it.

We have been consumed, as you can imagine, with chasing up all your leads...........

I ordered Rosalies B D M's and can confirm 100% that A W Nicholson in A W Michelson!!! - not that we weren't sure anyway. He states his parents names, changing his father's to Nicholson. He also makes himself 5 years younger, and says he is a bachelor......boy oh boy......I can understand his leaving his first wife but 3 young children???

The child Ernest is not his. Ernest was born in 1905 when Rosalie was just 17.

I have now ordered the Divorce papers. A CD will be sent to my cousin in Sydney, who will email them on to me. The archives in Sydney don't seem to offer that service.

I also checked the ANdrew Nicholson burials you found, but they are not my Andrew Nicholson.

So his death is still a mystery...we are going to start with Terang/Korumburra area where wife no 3 was living, together with him and then separately - even Melbourne. Now we know he did vote, under the 2 names, I assume if he last votes in 1931 in Terang with wife no 3 and then she votes alone in Korumburra in 1937 - he has probably died - or left the country! Her Death states she is a widow so I am assuming she knew he died......

If you know any Researchers/Forums etc there I would be most grateful.

I was very interested to hear that your GGrandfather did the same thing. I have heard that this was not uncommon! Did you find out what happened to him or track any relatives?

Thanks again Wendy


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