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Worcs and Hants Regiments

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I've been researching one George FRANCIS and have his 'career' from 1896-1908 (Milita Artillery/Royal Artillery (Coastal)/RGA), 1914-19 (Welsh Regt) and then 1919 Worcs Regt and 1919-20 Hants Regt.

It is the last two that I am having difficulty with

The Records show

(1) George re-enlisted in July 1919 and was placed in 18th Battalion, Worcs Regt (Private 73759).

(2) In August 1919 he was transferred, as 08186 Sergeant (Welsh Regt rank) to Depot Hants Regt, and posted to 20th Battalion. On 23rd August (2 weeks later) he was posted to 21st Battalion. His paperwork was annotated 'Garrison Duties', but his Service record show that he went to France (with 21st Bn presumably) between 29/10/19 - 17/03/20.

I have been unable to find any information about the three Bn's mentioned and was wondering if some kind soul could extricate me from the swamp of research and guide me along the path toward revelation...please !! Thanks !!

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A brief detail....

The 18th Battalion Worcester's was created in July 1919 at Sutton Coldfield but was disbanded later in September 1919.


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Thank you arboskittler ... was beginning to wonder if my mind was playing tricks on me; certainly fit with transfer to the Hants, then.

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