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339 Motor Transport Coy ASC

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I am trying to find out which Divisonal Train the 339th Motor Transport Coy in 1918 to allow me to find out where they wer 14 September 1918.

I believe they had a mascot called Tiger. I am unsure if it was a dog or a cat.

I accidentially posted this to the wrong forum initially. Sorry!

Any help much appreciated.


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Michael Young's history "Army Service Corps - 1902/1918" refers to the 339th on page 96

"At the end of 1916, as part of the ASC reorganisation in the field army, all five bus companies were centralized under an Auxiliary Omnibus Park, and it was decided that they would operate under G Ops at GHQ in strategic roles, solving previous administration problems. .....................

7th GHQ Ammunition Park (92 Company ASC) arrived at St.Valery on 19 December 1916 and 4 GHQ Ammunition Park (339 Company ASC) on 20 December , the former re-roled as 51 Auxiliary Omnibus Company, the latter as 50 Auxiliary Omnibus Company, regaining its original task of October 1914."

Young's Annex Q gives 339th as "Western Front GHQ Troops - 51st Auxiliary (Omnibus) Company" This suggests to me that they continued in that role from the end of '16 through 1918 but I could be wrong. I have difficulty with Young here, has he mixed-up 50 and 51 Aux.'bus Co?

Our expert at interpreting Michael Young's history is SueL, who for this problem can be found at Miscellaneous/Document repository/Unit Histories; hopefully she can help sort this one out for you.

Young has no mention of 'Tiger' but he gives their badge as "Red/white circle on black background"

Sorry I cannot be of more help

Michael D.R.

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