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Photo 9th HLI Soldier With Plain Shoulder Title 1918


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Found this interesting photo of a 9th Bn HLI man dated 4th March 1918 at Taranto Bay, Italy. He is wearing a plain HLI shoulder title.

Does anyone know when the "T" versions of the shoulder titles were phased out? In this case it would have been T | 9 | bugle | HLI.

Was there a specific AO that discontinued the T titles, or was it at the discretion of the battalion?


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We discussed this a little HERE, Mike.

My impression based on observation of Gordons photos is mid 1916 which mirrored Frogsmile's view, at around the time of the introduction of conscription in 1916

I have not seen a document setting this out but would like to!


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Thanks, Chris. I do now remember that thread.


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