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1917 Army War College : Notes on Uniforms and Insignia


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I just digitised my copy of "Notes on Uniforms and Insignia French British Belgian German (with plates)

Compiled and edited by the US Army War College in Dec 1917.(so out of copyright)

It is a 30 page leaflet - not one that I have seen in any of the digital libraries so I will see about uploading it (but if anyone want a copy immediately PM me an email address the pdf is 600kb so too big to post here)

It is fairly basic but has some decent charts of rank common badges of rank etc that might be of interest to the general if not specialist reader.

here is the page on British Officers' Insignia



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I think that this may have been pinched from Badges and their Meaning. A Companion to "Rank at a Glance", published by George Phillip in 1916. I can't find my copy just at the moment and am working off a title in my catalogue.


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You might be right Ian - some of the other elements in the leaflet are taken from other sources (although they are usually noted - this one is not acknowledged) However the page reference (30) at bottom right does not correspond to a page in the pamphlet.

Other sources which are cited, are:

"The note book of an intelligence officer" Eric Fisher Woods

"Army and Navy Information" Colonel DeWitt (used heavily)


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