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Please could someone translate this for me?




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Here is the front. I have no idea about uniforms of other armies, can anyone assist please?




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Hello John

My French is not up to much so I can't help you there, but the chaps on the photo look like Chasseurs Alpins, or perhaps the Light Infantry units (whose French name escapes me at the moment) who formed 43rd Infantry Division (someone correct me if I am wrong). There is a photo in the Osprey "Men at Arms" book on the French Army that shows one of these chaps.

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Thanks Andrew.

It is one of a set of pictures that I think were taken at a POW camp. I am hoping the text may give a clue.


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I almost sure that it's Chasseurs Alpins (French mountains corps). Try a french ww1 forum like http://www.1914-18.org/~histoforums/pgm/ for more. Here is what I can do. Note I can't translate the slang. Esp the 1st sentence for "being photographed". You also have to correct my own english ! I think "squad" must be replaced by "section" in english.


25 march 1918

Dear X*

As we just have been taken in photo I send it to you right now. We are the whole squad together because

it's an iron squad. But when we were photographed we were X**, tired. But it's make a souvenir. A friend

who send you a good kiss also to all***.


*X is a female (adjective is femine)

**("brousouf ?" certainly slang for exhausted)

***all of you (some other people they know)

**** common French family name

If sb want to translate, here is the French (I corrected the original spelling) :


Le 25 mars 1918

Chère X,

Comme j'ai fait tiré ma binnette, je te l'envoie de suite. Nous sommes toute l'escouade ensemble car c'est

une escouade de fer. Mais quand on s'est fait photographier, on était tous [brousoufs], fatigués. Mais ça fait un souvenir.

Un ami qui t'envoie un bon baiser ainsi [qu'à] tous.


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Many thanks Nicolas, your time is greatly appreciated. just one thing (that is not your fault because the date is cropped on the posting), the date is 1916 not 1918. The address is added below.

Best wishes.


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The address


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Guest Bert Hoornaert

The letter says the following:

Dear Marie,

As I made my picture taken, I send it immediatly to you. It's the whole squad (squadron?) because it's a strong one. But when we made our picture taken, we were ?????????, tired, but that will be a token. A friend who sends a kiss to you and to everyone over there.


The address:

Miss Marie Goudon,

[who lives] with her parents in



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